Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Blizzard 2013 - Umm, Well Maybe Not

 So yesterday afternoon we got some snow.  Nothing to all the folks out west, but it was the most we have had so far this winter and it's the only snow that stuck around for longer than 10 minutes. 

We probably got 3 inches or so, but half of it melted when it hit the ground. The only snow that stuck was what fell around nightfall. It it lasted till morning.

It was a wet snow, so it stuck to everything and made it kinda pretty.

Chester got his first experience with snow, and he thought it was pretty neat. 

As long as Hank would leaves his face alone.

He had some tumbles...

But he would just get back up and keep going.

Daddy had to help him with his glove one time, while Hank cleaned his

FYI: The snow was all gone by noon....50 degrees doesn't really keep snow around for very long, but that's ok with us!




  1. We received an inch of rain Saturday night. No snow, but a much needed drink of water!!

    I love how Hank is following C around. When I was C's age we had a blue heeler who was my shadow. Or maybe I was her's. :)

  2. YES... snow can be pretty... but not when you have 5 feet of it for 5 months of the year like we do here in Manitoba, Canada! Can hardly wait for ours to melt and Spring to arrive! Loved your post, Chester is adorable and I love Hank! :-)

  3. lovely images! C is growing up sooo fast.. i can just imagine what C and H will get into as C gets older! what fun times...