Monday, February 4, 2013

So God Made a Farmer

So in case you missed it last night during the Super Bowl...

And I actually did, I only watched a little bit of the Super  Bowl, and then the power went out, and then Downton Abbey came on so I switched and watched it instead. The game did get a little more interesting after I switched over cause that when it actually got close, but I still enjoyed Downton Abbey more....

Just so you know I love football, just not NFL...Give me college or high school and I am a happy person.

Ok back to what I cam here to say in case you missed the Dodge Truck commercial last night, like I did...Thankfully for me My friend Steph shared it on Facebook and I got to see.....Thanks it is.

After watching this, it made me very proud to say I am an own of a Dodge Ram. Actually between all the farmers around here there are 4 Dodge Rams, and we love them all.

This Blue Beast belongs to Caleb's Dad and is the only one of the four trucks that doesn't have a flat bed.

This Silver Stallion belongs to Pop, Caleb's grandpa. He's the one who owns two Rams. I couldn't find a pic of his other truck, but it pretty much looks just like this one, only it's a 2011, it has a few less dents and is an automatic. 

The nice thing about him having both of them is when we are putting beans in the seed tender can stay hooked up, cause before it had to get un-hooked each day so Pop could do his chores with his truck. 

My little man liks to help drive any chance he gets!

This was from last spring, man has he gotten big!! 

Here is the newest member to the Phillips Farm....Big Red.

Caleb and I bought this beast this bast fall.  We bought it so as our family expands we will all be able to go and do the chores together...this is my truck just so you know ;) or at least I claim it!

Thanks Dodge for supporting all us farmers, cause we are proud to support you!

So God made a Farmer,


Oh in case you were wondering this speech was given by Paul Harvey at the 1978 National FFA Convention.


  1. That was my favorite commercial. LOVED it!! And what it represents. I think the part that was so good was Dodge wasn't thrown in your face the whole time, but the fact that farmers are what keep this country going is what was front and center!! Loved Paul Harvey!!

  2. What wonderful truthful words.

  3. Awesome ! We only have one dodge Here though, lol.

  4. We have a Dodge, I ate my own words though because before that commercial came on we watched a commercial for Ford and I turned to my husband and made a comment about how I don't understand how they think a commercial will sway someone's opinion about what type of truck they prefer, but after the Dodge commercial I'm pretty sure if we didn't have one I'd be the first in line to trade for one! Best commercial I've ever seen

  5. I'm mentioned you on my blog! Keep a look-out for the next day or so! -Kelsey from Keeping Up With Kelsey

  6. Stopping by from seeing you over on Keeping Up With Kelsey (love that girl, btw!)

    Love your blog & this was by far one of my top 3 favorite commercials of the superbow, along with the Clydesdale commercial of course ;)

    Hello from your newest follower!

    xo, Ashley

  7. New to your blog, but I gotta say, I agree it was the best commercial. My man grew up on a farm as did his father before him. I swear I saw tear in his eye, and yes I cried some too.
    We also own Dodges. We have a 98, 99, 2001, 2004, 2007,and 2011. All diesels. That doesn't even include the 3 others that belong to our trucking company as service trucks. There is no better truck on the road as far as I'm concerned. Heck I pulled a full sized school bus out of the mud with my 01. Not a big deal except that I had to drag it sideways! Another time we had a Freightliner truck loaded with gravel pulling doubles, that ran out of gas at the bottom of a hill. It was in the middle of Jan about 7pm and wicked cold. My man went out with some fuel, and they tried to start the truck but it was too cold, batteries were dead. So he hooked up his 07 service truck to the front of that semi and pulled started it up the hill. Talk about tough! Anyone who says Dodge trucks aren't the best, has never driven one!

  8. Yes, best commercial ever! Farmers and ranchers need more airtime! So, thank you, Dodge!

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