Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Right Now

Right now, I am sitting in my house with all the windows opened and the attic fan on....

Not because it is such a beautiful and warm day (but it is really nice outside), but because of this little guy...

My beloved Jasper....well he's not so beloved right now, actually he is on my bad list.  


Well, last night about the time we were laying down to go to be he decided he needs to start barking...at coyotes and the moon. Annoying, but really not that big of a deal. But then we wake up some where around 1-2 A.M. to a smell...No it wasn't Caleb passing gas, sadly I would have preferred that to this smell it was...


YUCK!!! Apparently Jasper, who was assisted by Hank and Kit, Scared the "stink" out of a skunk and it sprayed right on our heater/AC that is sitting out behind the house. 

We have had this happen twice before...yeah I said twice, it's very sad....but both those times it was in warmer weather, and we could open the windows without a problem. But it is still winter here, and it's cold and it was way too cold to open any windows last night, so we had to try and sleep through the night with that nasty smell lingering in the air all night. I woke up sleepy, with a headache and my eyes burning from the smell. 

I had a meeting this morning, so I opened all the windows before I left, and then I spent the afternoon hanging out at a friend's house to keep away from the smell. But now that I am home I have all the windows opened and candles burning, trying to get this nasty smell out of my house, so we can get some sleep tonight.  

But most likely when I am done with writing this I am gonna go put some gloves on and a pair of long underwear on, cause it's cold in here!!

On a positive note, the Skunk was dead!



  1. This story is all to familiar to me! You would think they'd learn!

  2. Good job, dogs. Next time maybe they will corner it away from the house.

  3. I stumbled on your post from twitter and it made me laugh because one time we had a skunk go off in the basement. Makes a long night :-)

  4. Oh Poor Janet, Caleb & Chester! My dogs have been eating on a dead skunk and it's in my yard but at least it isn't stinky right now. You're lucky you can open windows for that! We only have one set of windows in our house that open and they're in the front room. Sad but true... darn berm houses :). I hope the stench goes away!!

  5. My cat has been sprayed THREE times, my dogs ONCE. To get rid of the smell mix up a batch of:
    1 qt of Hydrogen Peroxide
    1/4 cup of Baking soda
    a few drops of DAWN dish washing liquid.

    Wash down the surface the skunk sprayed. MAGIC I tell ya! If it is in your heating unit, I would put the solution in a sprayer and spray the unit. Then rinse it down. Do this a few times. No more skunk smell!

  6. http://home.earthlink.net/~skunkremedy/home/sk00001.htm

    Here is the receipe I use...think it is the same as the one above, but it DOES work! I've used it to wash down concrete, pets, vehicles, all kinds of things to get rid of the smell.

  7. You can definitely tell spring is on the way. Everyone is talking about skunks lately. Thankfully we have not had any run ins with them!