Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Do I Have to Share...

Last spring I planted a strawberry bed. I got a few berries from it last year but not a ton. This spring my plants took off like a wild fire, and are fully loaded with berries.....nice big green berries, yum-yum.
I have been chompin' at the bit waitin' for the berries to ripen up so I can gobble them down. When we left for my grandma's funeral this is what I saw....lots of green berries, but....
...when we got back look what I found. Some deliciously yummy red berries.
Maybe Caleb won't see them...
...cause if he doesn't see them, then I won't have to share them!


  1. Mmmmm I can almost taste them!

    I wanted to let you know that you`ve won an award over on my blog! =)

  2. You stinker! I have tried and tried to grow strawberries without ANY lucky. My grandma the one who passed in Feb. had the biggest and best strawberry garden you could imagine. She said she stuck a few in the ground one spring and never touched them again until harvest. It was a huge patch and I can remember getting sick from eating them right off the vine but is there any other way to eat strawberries? :)

  3. They look SO good! I wish mine would take off like that. I'll be waiting for the recipe for what you make with them! ;)

  4. Mark wants me to plant some this year but we've decided planning for a wedding, we won't have time for a garden. My grandma makes the best jam with them!

  5. Yummm! I planted some this year, I just hope they live! :)