Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Vote for Me....Please

So a while back I entered one of my cattle photos in a photo contest and it made it into the top 30 of the contest.  Now I need your help to win the contest.  The winner is determined by popular vote and you can vote once a day. To vote you go to this website:

When you get there scroll through the pictures till you see this picture....

Then down by the right-hand corner of the photo you will see a button. Click there and you're all done.

I'm also gonna put a link on the sidebar so you can go there daily and vote if ya want to.

Thanks to all of ya that take the time to vote for me. I'll love ya forever.

Ok even if you don't vote for me I'll still love ya forever!

Peace, Love, Cows,


  1. Heading over to do it now! Goooo Janet!

  2. Okay, I already used my vote today for another blogger. :( But I promise to vote for you tomorrow and the next day!

  3. I voted for you. Awesome photo. If you have a minute would you vote for me entry #1 at Simply Modern Mom's photo contest

  4. Man, that 24 hour thing is killing me! I have to wait till after 8pm!! But I gotter done!