Monday, May 31, 2010

What a Week

This past week has been crazy busy and I got lots pics to show for it. My house looks like a tornado went through it so I'm gonna be workin' on getting it back up to snuff. When that happens I will be writing you some more in-depth stories about this past week until then here is some pics from the week and a little run down of what we were doing.

To start the week off I was out cuttin' hay and I really have no idea what Caleb was doin' that day, but we stopped early and headed to KC to see my sister-in-law, Charity's, little boy (who is not so little any more - I'm pretty sure he shot up like a weed since the last time I saw him) graduate from kindergarten.

This kid cracks me up. There are o many more where this one came from!

Here's his little sis who is also getting to be a big girl, and boy is she a lot of fun.

Other than our little adventure to KC, this was my view for all the rest of the week.

I rarely got to see this man. Except for this morning, when he came and greased up all my equipment for me, we would usually go our separate ways until we got home that night and then we would come in side a take a shower and go to bed, just to do it all over again the next day.

I soo just wanted to lay here and not move cause it was such a beautiful day when I took this.

I spent one morning playin' in the corn field. Caleb got in a little trouble on this morning, so stay tuned for that story.

This is what Farmer Caleb was playin' with all week...

...and this is what I was doin' all week.

Whew, I tired just lookin' at all these again; I think I need a nap.

No I must press on, I must clean my house...but oh how I don't want to. O-well it is a job that I must do.

Peace, Love, Dust Bunnies,



  1. I've done a lot of that myself this week....left over graze out wheat pasture, 108 acres made 240 bales, pretty good for SW Oklahoma. I've enjoyed having a first look at your blog.

  2. You've been a busy girl! Has it been hot there? It was 99 here on Saturday. We were moving cattle yesterday morning. I was sweatin' like a pig and it was only 10am! Look forward to hearing about your adventures.

  3. I haven't been cuttin' hay, but I do have to mow our 2 acres every 5 days. I can't keep up with all the rain we've had then the nice days. The grss is growing growing growing. You niece and nephew are so cute.

  4. It`s been a busy for for many it seems! Great pictures! =)