Thursday, May 6, 2010

Weeds and A Weasel

Last Sunday afternoon was a beautiful afternoon. Way too nice to be layin' around inside doin' nothing so Caleb and I headed out to do some stuff out in the yard. He hung up the swing, but that's a whole nother story for another post. After helpin' him with that I headed over to my irises to do some weedin' cause they were gettin' a little out of control.
Yes, I'm wearin' a tie-dye shirt,

 and yes I have a lot of eye make-up still on from church,

don't judge me, that's just who I am.
So I gave the husband the camera and made him earn his supper, by takin' some pics of me.

As you can see in the background my onery little jack russell, Jasper (aka: onery little weasel today). He is a very curious dog and he likes to be in the middle of everything.
Even my Irises.
Yes, I'm yelling at my dog.

I do that a lot.

Oh, please don't judge me, you'd yell too if he was always gettin' into your garden and flowers....
....and not payin' a bit of attention. It's like I'm not even here.
But if I yell loud enough and long enough he will eventually go sulking out of my flowers, or garden, which ever he's in at the time.
Now it's back to pullin' weeds.
See here'd my large pile of weeds.

Sorry I don't have a pic of what the flowers look like now.

After all Caleb was runnin' the camera, wich means....

...I get a few pics with me out of focus and branches in my face, like this one. Oh well I still love him.

Later Tatters,


  1. Awww, he is so cute it`s hard to imagine he does one thing wrong! But having 3 dogs of my own I know those cute looks are just to cover up thier impish nature!

  2. oh, he can be the bigget lover and sweetheart when he wants too be, but he's also good at being a onery little turkey!

  3. Trixie is the same way. She can be the best snuggler and a little sweethear then bam she's the devil. :)