Monday, January 24, 2011


So the other day I showed ya'll a picture of me and my helpers. Well it turns out they do more than just add a little weight to the bale....

Wait let me re-state that "They try and do more"....

Wait that's not quite right, "Hank tries to do more"....

If only he could get on the right side of the bale!

There, that's better....

Wait, I thought you were helping?

Hank: "It's too big for me to push, I need a break!"

There we go, he's back helpin' again, and look Kit is there "helping"....more getting in the way while practicing her log rolling skills.

Kit: "That's enough practice for today, now I'm gonna go stare down a cow."

I like it when Caleb gets some help, that means I don't have to help and I can take more pictures.

Caleb: "Thanks for all your help Hank, you're such a good dog!"

Hank: "Are you going to pet me or what?"

Jasper: "I think this looks like a good spot to go pee"

Wait what are you doing here Colby, you weren't helping?

Colby: "Where's my feed? I'm hungry!"

You're already fat enough, go eat your hay.

"Hank, Why are you way back there?"

Hank: "This work stuff is for the birds, I think I am going to go back to the house and take a nap."

Well at least we got some help out of him.



  1. LOL! These are the cutest pictures! What a sweet Hank!

  2. You are lucky to have those helpers!!

  3. hahah! Those pictures made me laugh. Hank looks super sweet!

  4. Cute! Dogs make farm work more fun don't they?

  5. They're a lot more helpful than our dog Wiggley! When we were picking cotton behind our house last fall, he was pulling all the cotton out of the module and chewing on it!

  6. I have Hank's twin brother...Rusty. He's a lot of help on the farm...especially keeping the rug held down on the back porch!

  7. Very cute photos!!! You have a great crew!