Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Table

So as I promised last Thursday here are some pics of my new dining room table in our house. 

I love my new table, but it's kinda hard getting use to seeing it in here. 

I was soo very excited when I finally found it and it was just what I was wanting....and what Caleb was wanting.

I had looked at a few different tables that were this rustic looking type of table, but they were all very expensive and they didn't have leaves....

is that how it's said and spelled?!?!

I don't know why I asked that it's not as if I have ever cared how something was said or spelled before....

anyways back to the table, I wanted an 8" table that had leaves in it so I could shrink it down when we didn't need one that big.  My thought being that we are thinking about starting a family one of these days and I want a table that will fit our family plus anyone that comes to visit, so I wanted a table that could seat 8 people.

All Caleb wanted was padded chairs....

I wasn't to excited about that thought, cause all the padded chairs I would ever find a word...


So when I found this table I knew I had a winner, because it was just what I was lookin' for as well as it had the padded seats for Caleb.

So here it is....

It's not perfect, there are some scratches here and there, but for the price they sure don't bother me a bit....

they give it some extra character.

It also came with 6 armless chairs and 2 arm chairs.

The picture doesn't do the fabric on the chairs justice, it's a lot prettier in person...

Also the seat on the chairs is huge....I'm pretty sure Caleb and I could share one chair between both our booties!

Beside that chair is the chair that goes with our old table....huge difference.

Well there you have it there's my new table, I will say that it is no longer clean, I been unpacking boxes and there is now a huge mess all over the table as well as the floor.

Oh well I will get it all cleaned up soon.

* While I was writing this Hank (my lab) stared barking....he only barks if something is wrong. So I go out the front door and call all the dogs to see what is going on. Everybody, but Jasper (the Jack Russel) came. Usually this means he's chaisin' or attaching something, but this time I didn't hear him barkin'like crazy....which is what he normally does. I keep callin' him, and still he doesn't come.....then I finally hear him bark a little from the back side of the house. So I go back in put Caleb's boots on and grab a coat and a light and head out to see what he's messin' with.....I am still think that it's really odd that he's 1. not comming to me 2. since he's not coming to me he's also not barking. I make my way towards where I heard him earlier....over by my garden and the's then that I see a little white nose stickin' out of the hole in the side of my garden shed. Ya see there is a hole that is just big enough for a cat....and evidently a Jack crawl through, but the thing is, my cat can make it back out and my Jack Russel can't. So he was probably chasing the cat and made it into the shed, but he couldn't make it back out when he was done. I laughed pretty hard when I found him in there, and all he wanted was out! So ol' Hank was barkin' to let us know that his big brother was trapped and needed help getting out.

I just had to tell ya'll this while I had your attention....

Catch ya'll later,



  1. I love how you knew exactly what you wanted in a table...and all Caleb cared about was padded chairs. :) And that Hank, what a life saver he is. I'm sure Jasper appreciated the ruckus. :)

  2. That is a gorgeous table. I really love that style.

  3. That's a great table Janet! and a HUGE difference in the chairs :)

  4. Great farm table. Love the brick on the wall too!

  5. I LOVE your table!! Reminds me very much of the one I grew up eating off of. Love, love, love it. And your chairs are beautiful! Cracked up about the dog getting stuck, LOL! Good thing he had big brother to watch out for him. :P

  6. That looks similar to the table we have in our dining room! Nice!

  7. Love the table. It's perfect!

    Hank to the rescue. JRTs need someone to look after them. They sure can get themselves into predicaments!

  8. It's perfect! I love it. And it may sound odd, but I hate brand-spanking-new furniture. I like stuff with history, and not having the stress of putting the first scratch into something.

  9. OMGosh! LOVE the table. I'm looking for something just about like that. Love finding a great bargain on Craig's List too!

    Good thing the dogs look out for each other! Cute story :)

  10. The table is wonderful - very nice.... Cute story about that crazy Crazy Jack Russell....