Friday, January 28, 2011

Only On Our Farm...

I love cattle and my husband....

Both for many reasons...

But the main reason I love them both is because with out them I would not have near as many fun stories to write.

So yesterday Caleb came home for dinner (lunch) and told me he needed my help this afternoon to work with the cattle.  Not only did we need to pull all the bulls off the cows...

We were doin' this so we don't have any Christmas babies, cause that makes the holidays a major headache.

Ok back to what I was tellin' ya we were gonna pull the bulls as well as we needed to get a calf in that had some wire wrapped around it's neck.

Originally it was just around it's legs, but then Caleb drove the truck onto the end of the wire and instead of it coming off the calf, the calf ended up twisting it around it's neck. 

Usually when things like this happen this means we are going to have one crazy time messin' with the cattle. 

So after dinner we head out to look at the group with the wired calf. After lookin' at the calf  and cutting off some of the wire that was draggin' behind the calf, Caleb decides he's gonna try to rope it to get the rest of the wire off.

So we get the rope out and Caleb gets on the back of the truck and decides he wants to do some practice throws before we start chasin' the calf around.

At this time I must tell you guys that the whole herd were hangin' around the truck and I told Caleb that he shouldn't do any practice throws with all the cattle that close cause he was liable to rope a cow that he didn't want to rope....

Yes I warned him, just you guys remember that!

So after a couple of practice throws we start to head towards the calf and Caleb then decides he needs to practice one more time...

it was then that I hear "OH NO, I JUST ROPED A COW!"

That's right my friends it only took about four tries for Caleb to rope a cow that he didn't want to rope....

Had it been something he wanted to rope it would have taken more than 30 tries, but that's how it goes...

Oh and I about peed my pants laughing at him when this happened...

So what do you do when you rope a 1,000 + pound cow in the middle of a huge pasture, you may ask?

You let go of the rope.

So there's the girl with her pretty rope necklace wrapped around her neck.

Well since we didn't have any feed with us we decided to wait to mess with this group till later.

So we went to all the other pastures and got all the other bulls in, sorted off and taken to their own special pasture. And the best part was we didn't have any problems getting them all in, and that never happens!

We decided we would wait and mess with the wire calf and the roped cow and the bull in that pasture till the next day cause we ran out of daylight.

So this morning we got up and headed over to the pasture and got all the cows in the lot without any problems. Well at least none for us. When callin' the cattle into the lot we will dump some feed on the back of the truck and lead them with it. Well that poor ol' roped cow would try and get up there to get some feed then all of a sudden another cow would step on the end of the rope and jerk her head back...

The poor cow....

It's all Caleb's fault ;)

Well we get them in and get them sorted and them get the rope off her neck and boy was she one happy cow.

Luckily the rope wasn't tore-up, but it did however get died a little. It once was white, and now is green with a strange odor.

What about the Calf you might ask? well amazingly enough the wire ended up coming off it head on it's own so we didn't have to mess with the little guy!

So Caleb roped the cow for no reason...

Wait he roped a cow anyways for no reason...

After we get the cow taken care of we drop thee last bull off in the bull pen....

All the other bulls had to come over and check him out.

They were wanting to fight with him, but he just ran away...

Smart bull!

The only problem we had through this entire two day process was a flat tire when we were taking the truck and trailer back over to Pop's house.

Things went rally smooth, well minus the wire around the calf's neck and the rope around the cows head, but those weren't my problems, so they don't count!

Well I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Catch ya later,



  1. Your hubby sounds like mine. He always runs into "complications" as he likes to call them. I say, "Babe, what took you so long doing such and such???" and he says "Well, I ran into some complications..." this happens all the time, and I always thought SURE Ya did. But every time I go to work with him, doing anything (construction OR messing with cattle) he does indeed run into complications. And he would have been one to rope the wrong cow for no reason, too. HA! Glad you were there to document the process though, toooo funny!

  2. Janet I just about died when I read you gave him advice. I'm sure Caleb was rolling his eyes and thinking what the heck does she know, I'm not that stupid to rope a.....oh crap! lol Great post!!!

    For some reason it won't let me post from my open ID.

    Carrie-Life in the Slow Lane

  3. We don't have much experience with cows around our place but I do know it's no easy task to get a rope off of one. Our 11 year old has two heifers and a steer named Ribeye. A "helpful" neighbor rancher thought he would help us halter train them so he came over and roped one. She promptly escaped from the pen and he left. It was up to us to figure out how to get it off. Jared, our little guy, patiently sat by the feed bucket off and on for 2 days and finally snagged it off with a walking cane. Good job, little J!
    Sounds like you have stuff like that happen all the time! Always enjoy your adventures.

  4. Oh my gosh that is so funny. I find it great that you are able to work with your husband and spend that time together laughing as well. So many great memories that you are making. Have a great weekend!

  5. Janet, I always enjoy your adventures around the farm. What a day you had! I'd be very impressed with myself if I could actually rope a live animal - *any* live animal. My aim is terrible! You and Caleb have a great weekend! -Tammy

  6. Oh life on the farm. Your story made me laugh. Noticed you are going to the YF&R Convention this weekend, that is something I really need to get involved with. You'll have to look up Chelsea Good. Awesome friend of mine and blogs for Food for Thought.

  7. This reminded me of some of our fiascoes! ;)