Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Why I haven't wrote

So we got back from my family's Christmas a week ago and I haven't really done any posting since then. I have my reasons. One of them being that I caught a nasty cold right when we got back and instead of posting and writing anything I just wanted to sit with a box of tissues and do nothing. A better blogger would have  done more, but alas that is not me.

On top of not feeling well we were also busy around here. Part of that was me traveling to Kansas City last week to pick up my Christmas present.  Ya see my rotten husband wasn't suppose to do much for me this year, but he didn't listen.  He had been planning on picking up my present on Christmas Eve, but he was in the field working and by the time he got in everything was closed, but this worked out for the best because he was planning on going an buying me a new tiller for my garden....

I was borrowing my mom's extra tiller but she wanted it back last summer so I was without a tiller most of the year. I had been looking at one, but I just wasn't wanting to drop the cash for it. I had done some lookin' on craigslist, but those things go like hot cakes and I'm pretty picky about what I will travel to get.

Well the night we got back from Missouri Caleb jumped on craiglist and did some lookin' and it was then that he found my dream tiller in our price range and it hadn't been sold....

It was also then that Caleb let loose that this was what he was planning on getting me for Christmas.....

Needless to say I was shocked and very happy. The only problem was I had to make the trip to KC to pick it up and it's a 5 hour round trip. So for a sickly little girl it's not fun to make by your self, but for my Troy Built it was so worth it....

(Is it Spring time yet, cause I am soo ready....I've been getting seed catalogs in the mail and boy do I have spring fever)
I won't lie, i did a little shopping too, but all the store were a mad house so that didn't last long either.

We have also been doing some moving...

Did we buy a new house??


We are just getting closer to getting everything moved into our house. Ya see we remodeled our house after were got married over two years ago. We weren't living in it when we did most of the work. We ended up moving in it 2 1/2 years ago with a few things not finished yet....

One of them being all the trim. Caleb was toying with the idea of doing it himself, but finally after a year+ of me bugging him about it he finally hired a guy to do it. So since we didn't have the trim done I didn't want to move any "big" and "heavy" furniture in. Things like our entertainment center and my piano, cause once they are in place they aren't gonna be moved again!

So since the trim was taken care of back in the summer Caleb got a crazy hair and finally decided to move all my stuff over here and since this doesn't happen every often I wasn't about to say no....even if I felt like crap.

Another reason I haven't been writing is that I was toying with the idea of taking a break from blogging...

I have been doing a lot of praying about it over the past few days and I have  nixed the idea to taking a break, but I might not blog sometimes all that often, but I will still be here. I have a lot of 'irons in the fire' right now and I need to get my priorities strait.

My mind has been being stretched a million different ways and I didn't realize how much it was effecting me until Christmas when everything was kinda haywire and I didn't even enjoy the best part of Christmas....Celebrating the Birth of Jesus. It seemed more lost this year than ever before and I hated it!

So with all that being said, I have been a little preoccupied lately but I will say I am feeling much better. I have a lot of boxes to go through and see what all I can't live without and what all I can burn!

Lots of Love,


  1. What an AWESOME hubby you have!!!! I too have spring fever like you wouldn't believe. I had decided at the end of last year that I wouldn't plant a big garden. But Burpee's sent out their catalog and I found all kinds of new things to try. I'm really wanting to start a blackberry & raspberry patch. But they might be more of a hassle than anything.

    Sometimes I too feel like I don't want to blog anymore. I use to be really good about blogging during the week, but now if I miss a day during the week it's not that big of a deal. I have found that having the Shoot Me challenge or Way Back Wednesday takes the stress of finding stuff to write about.

    Glad you won't be signing off for good! I'd sure miss you!!!

  2. Glad you're not leaving us! When I first started blogging, I thought I needed a new post at least every other day, but that was getting aggravating. So, now I just do one every 1-2 weeks unlesss something exciting happens! Have fun with your new tiller! I got a new lawnmower/small tractor last year, and we got a tiller on the back of it, I haven't used it yet either, so I'm eagerly awaiting spring and being able to get rid of the weeds a whole lot more easier!

  3. Ooo! My folks have that same tiller, we always borrow it in the spring. I love freshly tilled soil!

  4. The best thing about blogging is that YOU get to decide what and when to blog! No pressure! I love your posts (even if I don't take the time to comment on every one, rest assured I am out here!)
    It looks like you'll have plenty to show us in the spring when you get that baby up and running...holy moly, what I wouldn't do to have soil to run that through, instead of the rocks and boulders that pass for soil up here in Maine...

  5. Ahh, blogging breaks are good for a gal. I've taken many, many, many over the course of my blogging days. We'll all still be here reading when you post, that's the fun part about it!
    Your Hubby sounds like mine, always ready to do it himself but it takes FOREVER. Ha! I just now got the 2nd sink in our bathroom, and it's still not hooked up, just sitting in it's hole in the counter. Those boys, I tell ya. ;)

  6. You make a lot of grammatical mistakes! "Feeding an addition" should be "feeding an addiction", and "Why I haven't wrote" should be "why I haven't written". Coming from the farm doesn't mean talking like a redneck hick. Wow. Just wow.