Sunday, August 29, 2010

Almost Finished!

We are nearing an end of corn harvest only a few more acres that we will hopefully knock them out the first of this next week then I will hopefully have some time to sit down and share some photos and stories about harvest.

My perch on top of my truck. Where most of picture taking takes place.

Picture of....

...corn falling out of augers...

trucks being loaded with corn....

...trucks leaving the field...

...trucks unloading into the bins, and oh so many more!

So with that being said I am gonna sign off for the night and go dream about anything  but corn.

From my perch on top of my grain truck,



  1. Our harvest season will begin in a few weeks!

  2. Take a few weeks off then head up here! We'll need help too!! Sunflower harvest will be huge here at the plant so I will have very little corn field time I'm afraid. Oh well all the overtime will come in handy for Christmas.

  3. Love the picture of the shadow! It's been busy in our neck of the woods also!

    Be blessed, friend.


  4. Glad your corn harvest is going well. We are in the middle of harvesting wheat here but it has been wet and raining.....Funny...I have a similar picture of wheat coming out of the auger! lol...Hope you can stop by sometime for a visit.