Friday, August 27, 2010

Snake Problems....

So to start things out one of my many nicknames, from my ornery brother, growing up was "reptile-amphibian" or "reptile" which ever he was in the mood to say. Well from that little bit of information you might gather that I was a little infatuated with frogs, turtles, toads and any other little critter you might find around ponds, under rocks, in the creek or where ever. I just loved the little guys.

However, back then I wasn't as much of a fan of snakes.  I wasn't scared of them, I just didn't know what to do with them. It wasn't till I got older and learned more about them and how to handle them that I grew to like them more.

Now I don't have a room in my house full of the little creepy crawlies, I just don't have to kill them or run away screaming every time I see one. Usually I chase after it and try and catch it then go and release it somewhere safe and away from harm of the snake haters.

I did have a 'pet' one for a while. Well it was more like one that was hangin' around the house all the time. On several occasions, when Caleb and I were remolding our house, we found a big black rat snake hangin' out inside of it...before you freak out too much a lot of the floors were ripped up at the time and we technically found him under the house. I named him Sysco....and the reason he was hangin' around our house was cause there was plenty of food in supply, cause we had a slight rat problem at that time. There was one time that we actually found Sysco chasin' a nasty little rat. The guys we had helpin' us tried to kill him on a number of occasions but I would not let them.

Now for all of you who are freaking out about the snakes and rats and vow to never come visit...well we no longer have a rat problem thanks to our cat and as for Sysco, I've only seen him once since we moved in and that was out by the barn. So you should be safe, but I can't make any guarantees cause we do live on a farm and in the country so ya never know what might happen around here.

Now for those of you out there who are more like my mother and my sister and are petrified of snakes well you will be happy to know that if you did come and visit, though I can't make guarantees, you most likely won't run in to a snake by my house for one reason alone.....

...because I have a snake killin' machine on my hands. Yes my little Jasper hates the little things. To be honest he hates anything that is smaller than him. 

So Like I said probably won't find any live snakes crawlin' around if ya stopped by, but you migh find a dead one every now and then.

Now back to the corn field I must go.... 

Yours Truly,



  1. Your dog might be my best friend. I hate snakes!

  2. If he runs out of snakes at your house, feel free to send him my way. He can ride on the lawnmower with me.

  3. Great post! You are a brave woman to pick them up. We won't kill any snake execpt a rattler. They are dead as a doornail on or around our farm!

  4. I need a dog like that! I had a run in with a snake at the city park earlier this week. They terrify me!!!!!

    That is an awesome picture of the corn, by the way.