Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Big Barn Country - Part 1

We are back and even though we had a marvelously wonderful time we are soo very glad to be back.

About a week and half ago Caleb and I get all packed up and headed down the road for a little time away from home.

I even gave our truck some TLC and washed it before we left.

We first headed to NE Missouri for a couple of days for a family reunion and then we headed farther north.

It wasn't easy getting my husband talked into leaving the farm, he's kinda a homebody (actually a farmbody). So my tactic was to find a cousin that Caleb enjoys talking to...

...this is where My cousin Brent comes into the picture...

...now add in some big barns and a whole lot of corn fields and you have Caleb's perfect vacation destination.

Lucky for Caleb he married a girl who also likes looking a crop fields too, but little did he know that the trip would also involve riding some horses too, but we will wait till later to tell him that.

So, we are off and our destination is Le Sueur, Minnesota, to visit Brent and his lovely wife Kristin.

So, there's only one way to get up there from Missouri and that's goin' through Iowa.

Ok, you could get there many other ways, but they would take a lot longer.

So, big barns and corn fields here we come.

It's not a road trip without some pretzel rods...oh yeah!

I even got a little time behind the wheel on this trip...

...which meant Caleb was on camera duty.

I think I was singing here...not sure...

...maybe I was talkin'...

...who knows.

This is the view we saw all the way up there. Acres and acres of corn with large farm steads and barns all over.

After a long drive we finally made it up to our destination.

Their house is such a cute house with a wonderful porch.

After we arrived there Brent loaded up all the horses and all the tack and we headed down the road towards a local park and got ready to head down the trails.

I didn't have to tug on Caleb's arm too much to get him up on the back of a horse...

...he actually did really well.

It was a wonderful time and other than the mosquitoes we had a really great time.

My only complaint was that I had to listen to Caleb wine about his back end being sore for the rest of the trip. Honestly I thought he was a touch ol' farmer, but I guess I found out other wise! haha

I will hopefully have part 2 up tomorrow or the next day.

Tootles till then,



  1. Looks like a fun vacation so far!

  2. ugh! Driving through Iowa isn't fun... It's boring. I love the corn fields and barns but oy, that's a LONG trip!