Saturday, August 7, 2010

Big Barn Country - Part 2

Our Second day up in Big Barn Country was a fabulous day when we weren't getting accosted by Louie the cat.

While heading out to Brent's house we drove by this farm and I just loved it, with it's big silos.

So imagine my excitement when I found out that this is where we were going the next day. I turns out Brent was good friends with this family and we spent a better part of the morning visiting the man that owned it.

We visited with the man about the farming history in the area, about the land prices, about spraying, about his egg production, and everything else you can imagine when it comes to farming.

Well not everything cause after we left Caleb had half a million more questions he wished he would have asked him.

I'm pretty sure this was Caleb's favorite part of the vacation.

This is one of two of the lay houses that this farmer had on this farm. They weren't in production anymore, and are used for storage instead, but when they were housing chickens they were home to 75,000 birds. Now that's a lot of chickens!

After dinner, we headed off to the arena where Brent has a one of his Cutting Horses in training, but not before replacing a shoe that miss Chica here had thrown.

As you can see she's not too thrilled about the whole situation.

She sure did give Brent a workout on this day. I'm gonna guess it took at least three times longer than it normally takes Brent to replace a shoe.

side note: Brent once made a comment on how many pictures I take of Caleb so in a chance to even it out I tons of pictures of him while we were visiting.

Since she was throwin' a little fit Caleb got the duty of keepin' her still.

Once that was done we loaded here up and headed down the road to the arena for a little work out.

Testin' the "brakes" to make sure they worked.

For the most part Caleb and I sat on the fence and watched. Well he watched and I took pictures.

I did however get to try some spinning on Chica, but I was a little awkward at my first attempt. One thing I did realize is that it's a good things I don't live any closer to Brent cause I'm pretty sure I could get hooked on workin' with cuttin' horses.

The horse on the far left was Brent's other horse that we came here to see and man was he a beauty! I wanted to load him up in the back of our truck and take him home, but he wouldn't fit, how sad!

After a long day in the sun at the arena we decided not to go riding again that evening cause it was in the 90's and evidently the warm weather followed us from Southeast Kansas. So instead Caleb came up with the idea of Bowling and a way we went to the local bowling ally / bar and grill.

And to show you how special we are, we had the entire bowling ally to our selves...

...maybe that shows how special the bowling ally was.

Haha, actually it was a nice little bowling ally and the food was to bad either.

Round One went to Caleb, and look I didn't come in last and neither did Kristin. So that only leaves one person which meant there had to be a rematch.

FYI: I put the names in for round one. The owner asked us to move to another lane for round two and Brent wrote the names in this time and this is what we ended up with....

Cleb = Caleb
Krisy = Kristin
Toad = Me - don't I have such a sweet cousin to give me a name like be honest there is a lot of history with this name.
Bo = Brent

Round Two goes to Brent, unfortunately for me that meant I was was the name that threw me off I just know it! ;)

Here's what the sky looked like when we left to go home. It didn't end up being much rain but it did bring the temperatures back down to the upper 70's unfortunately for Caleb and I we were leaving the next day.

I be getting the trip home pics up as soon as I can, as well a cooking post and a farm up-date.

So I had better go for now and get busy.

Later Tatters,



  1. Love the picture of the storm rollin' in. We've had a lot of storms here lately but I haven't managed to get a decent shot of the clouds yet. Kudos!

    Looks like you had a fabulous time!

  2. Looks like a good time. Whew, 75,000 is alot of chickens!

  3. Okay! Could you imagine the smell those 75,000 chickens would have produced on a hot day. YUCK!!

    Looks like your trip was fun and beautiful!

  4. Great pictures Toad!! Glad to know you had a great time too!