Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A Few Things

1. Praise the Lord we finally got some rain!!!

2. The grass in my yard is soo tall that I should mow it for hay.

3. Corn harvest has begun and for the next few weeks ya'll will be seeing lots of pictures to show it.

4. Jasper (my Jack Russell) is in love with his squeaky toy.

5. I may or may not have baskets full of laundry waiting to be put away.

6. I like to drink a Mt. Dew and a eat a Snickers for breakfast.

7. Did I mention I have a lot of corn pictures.

8. Once it dries up I will be driving a truck and hauling corn full time.

9. I love wearing ty-die.

10. My peaches are finally getting ripe and boy are they good.

11. I may or may not have found another dead opossum in my yard, but this time Caleb did redeem himself and he got to carry it.

12. I hope ya'll like corn pictures.

13.  I finally finished crocheting an afghan and it only took me 1 1/2 years to do it.

14. Currently I am teaching myself to hand embroider and lovein' it.

15. Tomorrow I mush clean my kitchen.

16. I love watching "Harry Potter" movies.

17. I have some very hungry caterpillars that ate all my parsley and are now working on my carrots.

18.  I like to watch caterpillars turn into beautiful butterflies.

19. I should end this list and work on a food post.

Until we meet again.



  1. I really liked this post. I learned so much about you!! While you watch caterpillars I watch tadpoles. Love Harry Potter too! I got a sugar high just reading that you eat Snickers and drink a Mt Dew. I always have laundry to put away. I love corn pictures! And the kitchen can always be cleaned tomorrow! lol

    Do you read the Twilight books?

  2. we keep losing our yard into our hayfield and my dad always said Dr. Pepper & Snickers was the breakfast of champions.

  3. Carrie - FYI I love watchin tadpoles too...I think we could be sisters. no I haven't jumped into the twilight books just yet, cause I'm afraid if I do I will be lost forever.

    Nicole- I like the way your dad thinks just minus the DP.

  4. You are too funny! Does Jasper "kill" the squeaker? My JRT's favorite toy is a squeaker anything but she kills them all. I buy $1 squeaker balls at Tractor Supply. She can kill them in 10 minutes. But it brings her so much joy!