Monday, August 16, 2010

Playin' Around the Farm

Last Wednesday I made a 5-5 1/2 hour trip up to my home town in Northeast Missouri to pick up my niece and then made the same long trip back home. So needless to say I was a little tired when it was all said and done, but it was well worth it to spend some time with her for a few days.

Now don't think I didn't put her to work while she was here. She was a great help while making some homemade cinnamon rolls.

Now you can't make cinnamon rolls without getting your hands covered with some ooey gooey goodness.

Later in the day we got a call from Uncle Caleb and he told us that they were in the corn field and thought Amber might want to ride in the combine.

We also had to get in a little horse back riding too. It was extremely hot outside this past week as all ya'll know, so we didn't get to ride near as much as we wanted.

To cool off from the heat we spent a lot of time in the water. We went to the lake the first day, but it was like swimming in bath water. So the next day we took a stroll down to the creek.

I think the look on her face tells ya how cold it was in the creek. It felt worlds better in the shaded creek than it felt anywhere else outside!

After a day of harvesting and playin' in creeks we took the evening off and got all cleaned up and headed down to the rodeo.

This was Amber's first time goin' to a rodeo and she loved it!

I wish it would have been nicer weather for her visit, but we had fun just the same.

Hopefully within the next week we will be goin' strong harvesting corn.

Catch ya later,



  1. In pic 12 you look really really tall!!

    Pickin corn already! We have at least 2 months before we're ready.

    Looks like a great time with your niece. I'm sure she enjoyed it as much as you did!!

  2. That makes ME wanna ride a combine! :) Very cool! There are rodeos all over creation it seems, but it's too stinkin hot to get out. I'm thankful today is a bit cooler...

  3. We don't have any corn this year, but our neighbors corn probably won't be ready until the beginning of September, although it's drying up fast!!

  4. Looks like tons of fun! And her first rodeo, awesome!

  5. This will be such a highlight for this lil girl for the rest or your life. I think it's so important to spend time with our family...and the lil one's especially. She is such a cutie! You did a pile of fun stuff.

  6. My most treasured memories are spending summers at my Aunt's farm. I am so glad you get to do the same to her. Wonderful!

  7. Looks like an amazing time for a lucky gal. She's blessed to have an Aunt and Uncle like you and I'm sure will treasure these memories!!