Sunday, August 22, 2010

I Don't Always Do What I'm Told

The other day while in the corn field Caleb was being a little silly and I took a quick set of shots.
When I was done I was told, not to share these photos, but when I looked at the photos I fell in love with them. They were soo much fun and I thought I would share them ya'll, but only if you promise not to tell Caleb.

You Promise?

Ok then, here they are.

What's the lesion we have learned from this?

Never tell me not to post a photo, cause I probably will and if it's on my camera then it's fair game.



  1. LOL! I do the same thing to my Hubby, only they usually end up on Facebook, where everyone he knows will see them. He just loves it so much. ;) Never tell a girl with a camera "no"!

  2. Bwa-ha! The lesson learned should be never trust a wife with a camera and a blog!

    Very funny!

  3. If he didn't want the world to see him making goofy faces, he should've never made the goofy faces to begin with! So, it's completely his fault.

  4. I found my way here thru another blog -- I love the farm country!

  5. If TNT tells me not to post pics I'll post them to a private album only my sis can see so we can both laugh. ;)