Monday, October 18, 2010

Boys and Their Toys

Friday I left to go to Missouri for a baby shower for one of my dearest friends and of course that was the same day that our new tractor was coming.

Since I got my new camera I haven't had time to sell my old one and I am glad about that because I was able to send it with Caleb and tell him "take lots of pictures of the tractor when it gets here, and if you don't them don't bother coming home!"

Ok I made up that last part but it sure makes the story a whole lot more interesting!


He did me proud and got some great pics and here's one with all the guys with their new toy. You'd think they would be a little happier....I know when I get any thing new I'm grinning from ear to ear.

I got to head out to the field now. I just wanted to share with ya'll the excitement that happened here on the farm while I was gone!




  1. Red? Where's the green. lol

    We are looking for a different tractor too. Since we're going semi no-till come this Spring we need a new tractor to pull the no-till planter we're buying this winter. And the bills just keep piling up.

  2. Nice tractor....even for a red one! lol

  3. I will be the voice of reason- I LOVE the red ones!

  4. It's not Green! SIGH! :) haha. See you should keep your old one just for him :)

  5. NICE!!! One son thinks its great (red) and the other says "Where is the green!!" Congrats on the new tractor!

  6. Wow, double wheels and everything!

    We don't have a tractor, now that I've seen yours.

  7. I think they are containing their joy in that last picture. Can't act all excited for us women folk! I'm sure they'll be hours of fun, umm, I mean work ahead.

  8. Just popping back over again! I have got to get back over here more often.

    We just got hay cut. Love that tractor, girl.

  9. Love that it's a red tractor.