Friday, October 22, 2010

It Happened Yeasterday

That's right we finally started cuttin' soybeans yesterday. For better or worse we have been plantin' wheat all week and finally finished up with that yesterday as well as startin' beans.

(These last two pics are actually from my Dad's bean field in NE Missouri. Hey dad your beans are ready...ok you might already know that since your combine was in the field, but if you didn't know you do.)

Al right I'll talk more about beans later, but I got to be getting out to the field now, cause it's suppose to rain and we want to get as many beans out of the field before it does.
Hope all ya'll have a wonderful weekend.




  1. As always-your pictures are just stunning. We are finished 2010 harvest up here-yay! The cows come home this weekend, and we're basically hunkering down for winter now. :)

  2. We only had 30 acres of beans this year, and our neighbor combined them for us while we were in the cotton/peanut fields last week. That rain yall are about to get is headed our way later this weekend, so I gotta get off here and head to the cotton field! We finished our peanuts up on Monday, and we have 160 acres left of cotton, and there seems to be a lot of rain in the forecast!

  3. Your pictures are awesome...they have inspired my son to take harvest pictures as well...I bought him a new camera to take to FFA convention and then the picture taking goes on!! we should be done with corn today. Beans were done a couple weeks ago. Harvest without any rain...amazing. Love your blog.
    Sue, from Iowa!