Thursday, October 28, 2010


I love mornings, everything is waking up and coming alive, they are just beautiful! I love it when God gives me these beautiful masterpieces to enjoy every morning.

Well today and yesterday morning were no exception, they were amazing and both very different.

This was yesterday (10/27/10). I told Caleb that the sky looked like it was on fire...

And must have been cause it was kinda warm....

well in comparison to this morning it was.

Now this was this morning (10/28/10).

Isn't it simple and lovely.

It has a cool look to it and boy was it cool out side this morning!!

There wasn't any frost, but it wasn't far from it! 

Now I normally don't do a lot of editing...

not because I'm against it cause I think it's wonderful...

But because I love to see how good of a picture I can take with just my camera...

and I don't have the time or a good editing program...

I'm holding out for photoshop CS5....

but that's another story...

Here's the same pic as above with just a little tweaking of the contrast and the brightness. I can't say that I like it one way over the other but I do think it looks good like this.

Well I hope ya'lls mornings were as beautiful as mine was.

Now I'm off to chase some cows...

Lots of love



  1. Great Pics. I usually miss the sunrise because I'm either getting ready to go to the chicken houses, or I'm already in the chicken houses, lol.

  2. How great would it be to be an early morning person. I barely get my butt drug out of bed to make it to work on time. haha! I have CS4, Mark has CS5. I've played a little bit on mine (not his yet). I just want to learn more!

  3. Beautiful mornings! I don't have enough time to learn photoshop. I use to do what little editing I do.

  4. Fabulous! We have Photoshop but I would have to take a week off a life to figure out how the heck to use it. I'm glad you showed the different a little tweaking can make - I was never sure if it made a difference at all. But WOW does your camera take some great pictures!!

  5. Great pictures - beautiful morning sky! I have some software - to time consuming to learn it.... I use also.... it is fun to make some adjustment but I am finding more and more that I prefer the natural light & unedited versions.... Wonderful pics!