Sunday, October 3, 2010

It's Coming

We've been done with corn harvest for a good month now and we are waiting for the beans to finish up so we can combine them.

The soybeans are ready to harvest yet, but they sure are getting close.

The leaves are changing and soon will be falling off.

There is something about bean harvest and cooler temps that makes Fall even better.

Before you know it we will be going hard in bean harvest and I will hopefully have some wonderful pictures to share with ya'll.

With Love,


  1. Our soybeans are almost ready too! I just hope they wait till we're finished with the peanuts and cotton!

  2. I discovered your site the other day through "Life in the Slow Lane" and I have to say I Love It! Your photos are beautiful and your stories are great. And a special thank for finally explaining my camera so that I understand it better.

  3. Our beans are in the bin already. We have the custom cutter do it for us. We don't have the right header for them. Or so I'm told.

    And Lea, YES you will enjoy Janet's blog! She's great.

  4. Janet,

    These pictures are great. I came across your blog as I was looking for pictures of different crops being harvested. I mentioned you today on my blog,

    Keep up the good work!