Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Gettin' Out of the Way

I don't own a zoom lens for my camera. Not because I don't want one, cause I really, really do.....I just don't want to pay the price tag for a really good one. To be honest there are a lot of "toys" I would love to have for my camera and some day I will hopefully have them, but that will be one step at a time.

So needless to say every picture I take is with my 17mm-85mm Canon lens, and I love this lens. It does such a GREAT job, but I need to realitivly close to what I am photographing.

Sometimes the equipment is far enough away that I don't have to worry about it.

But then it gets closer. It's not too close just yet, but I'd better be paying attention and be ready to move in a heart beat cause there is one thing I learned...
...and that is...

...the combines aren't suppose to stop or even slow down.

So I get the and get out of the way...

...and they keep rollin'

To get photos like these I have to get close. For some it might be too close for comfort, but I am at a safe enough distance. The key is to be payin' attention.

The worst part about bein' this close is...

...sometimes you get pelted by flying trash, but honestly it's not really that bad with beans, but corn on the other hand now that can hurt. I've been whacked in the head by a few corn cobs in my day and it wasn't enjoyable that's for sure.

By the time you can blink an eye the combine has nearly ran you over and then has turned around and is headin' the other way.



  1. They don't stop for anything those mean ole combine drivers. lol

    Great pictures and I swear I could feel the dirt in my eyes. ;)

  2. My 18-55 puts me in the same position. Not good at school functions when all the parents are trying to take pictures as well- I have to contain myself to only MY kids so as not to block the other Moms. sigh! (But at least I'm not in danger of being 'combined'!

  3. The danger you have to go through for some beautiful photos. Great job!

  4. I have to get really close with my little point and shoot camera, which is all I have! I just can't get Lance to stop and pose with his cotton picker, lol.

  5. P.S. One year yall should come down and we'll take ya to the Expo! I know Caleb would love it, Lance is like a kid in a candy store! Just wish it wasn't in October, why do they do that to us farmers? lol.

  6. yeah my 18-55 wasn't cuttin it so we bought a 75-300. I love it! Although i forgot one part but didn't care so much... the image stabilization feature. Oh well my lens rocks! Now if i could just upgrade my camera.

  7. Hi Janet,

    I love photography of farm machinery. I live in a frontier town and there is a lot of old farm machinery on display at outdoor malls, airports etc.. and I just think they are so cool looking!

    Anyway I also wanted to reach out to you for a client of mine. I work in affiliation with Stetson and I think they would be of interest to you and your readers. If you have any link opportunities please let me know!


  8. Vanessa,
    I would love to work something out. If you would like to shoot me an e-mail that would be great...

    just put something in the subject relating to the blog in case it goes to my junk mail.

    look forward to hearing from you


  9. I'd feel safer taking bull pictures than being that close to a combine! I use my 85mm all the time. I love it. And my 50mm for all the dog shots. They are my go to lenses.

  10. Great photos, I am almost dusting the chafe off my shoulders.