Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Why We Don't Get Snow Days

I sure by now that most of you have heard about the little snow fall we got here in the parts of the Midwest, but if you haven't well let me be the first to tell you that it snowed....

And by snowed I mean we got a good old fashion blizzard!

Here on our farm we ended up with at least 15 inches. Which really is all that terrible, it was the 30-40 mph hour winds that were the kicker. I felt like I was living in Northwest Kansas and well I'm not a fan of the wind!

We knew all this nastiness was suppose to be heading our way so Caleb and I did a lot of praying, that God would not only spare us from getting any ice in this storm, but also that he would watch out for our cattle and that we wouldn't have any little ones born in this nasty mess.

And he sure did answer our prayers because we were spared from the ice and sleet that fell south of us as well as our cattle might have been covered in snow, but the only newborns we had were born the day before all this mess came our way.

I can't talk long, cause I have to get out and help Caleb get our cattle fed today, but here are some pictures from our outing yesterday.

Our cattle went from black to white over night.

We unroll hay in each one of our pastures so everybody can get a bite to eat as well as a nice place to lay

We also count each group to make sure everyone is there and in this group there was one missing and that makes us sick to our stomach thinking that she's out somewhere having a baby.

But in this case it was the momma who had a baby the day before and both were fine, they were just hanging out away from the group.

So we loaded the baby on the back of the truck and drove over to where we put the hay out, gave the little guy a tag...

unloaded him....

Then took him over to the un-rolled hay and gave him a nice place to lay down.

Momma and baby were both a lot happier.

These little guys are the main reason we go out and do what we do on days like this. It's to make sure they are taken care of and have a nice place to lay down, and boy do they appreciate it.

Chores didn't take much longer than usually, by the time we got the last pasture fed the drifts were getting pretty deep and we were ready to get in the house and stay!!!

This was the look out our front door later in the day when the snow was coming down at a rate of 3-5 inches an hour.

I hope all of you are safe and warm at home and if you got any of this nastiness stay home if you can cause not only are the roads still a mess but it's bitterly cold out there too. With that being said I need to get out and help Caleb with the feeding today.

Lots of Love,



  1. Janet - these are such powerful pictures! Thanks so much for taking the time to take these, as well as share what you do. This really shows our consumer friends how those of us in agriculture treat and take care of our animals. Thank you!

  2. Great photos Janet. Your husband has a good strong name! Good luck with the blizzard and keeping your cows happy and healthy. Thanks for all the hard work you're doing.


  3. So appreciate all the hard work you guys do. I love snow but I always think about those of you that have to get out in it and work! Stay warm and have a blessed day.

  4. Loved your pictures. And I'm so happy that us NW Kansasans could share that wonderful wind with you. Isn't it lovely!! Imgine dealing with that daily year round. If it isn't blowing snow it's blowing dirt. Yuck!!!

    Stay warm. We are at a positive 6!!!!

  5. That looks all too familiar. Luckily for us, we didn't get as much snow in Oklahoma. I do not envy you!

  6. These are awesome shots! We didn't get near that much snow, but we got enough. Poor John has had nothing but water trouble since this has all started. Cowboys don't get snow days either.

  7. Brrr! Glad yall are surviving. I'm also glad our chickens are in a building when it snows, lol.

  8. Such great photos as usual! I hate snow days on the farm! bring on the sun and warm weather! :) And what do you wanna bet, the ground hog saw his shadow today :(

  9. Absolutely amazing photos!! Even without your great narration, they tell the story perfectly. You are so talented with a lens. :)

  10. Fabulous photos!
    Can you imagine a herd of Charolais in this snow??
    We got clobbered with snow here in Vermont too! My herd looked like walking glaciers! Come visit when you have a moment:

  11. Oh my goodness!! We can totally sympathize - it looks like the winter we had here last year. We're *hoping* not to have to deal with so much snow during this year's calving. Hang in there and keep warm!!

  12. I just read the page you have about your camera. I have virtually the same one -- a Canon Rebel quite a few years older -- and I think I learned more about what the settings mean from this page than from reading the manual. Somehow it makes more sense to me with sample pictures. So thanks. :)

  13. Girl, these pictures are awesome! I love the texture the blowing snow gave them, way cool. Well, cool for me to look at from my nice warm house, ha! We had about 8 inches here, and my poor Hubby was out clearing parking lots in it. We have a particular client who likes their bank lots clean regardless if there is more snow coming. Makes for long days! Glad it didn't last too long!

  14. These pictures are great. It may sound bad, but I sure am happy others go through this white "crap" like we do. I love how the snow covers the farms flaws, but chores just seem to last that much longer.

    Hope you're all staying warm!