Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Always Be Prepared!!

One thing I have learned from my parents over the years it always be prepared, whether it's having extra blankets and coats in the car or truck, or always making sure you have a tool kit in your vehicle when you are going on a long trip (tool kit = pliers, baling wire, screwdriver, small ratchet set, jumper cables, duct tape, and a flash light). Probably the most important thing I learned was to always have snacks in the truck when you are working. some of you out there might be thinking, "why is having snacks in the truck so important?" The answer is a simple one - Food = Happiness. If any of you have ever been around my dad when he hasn't eaten in a while you will know what I mean. He can kinda get a little grumpy when he hasn't had his lunch and I am sad to say I am the same way!

This wasn't such a problem for me when I was single, cause when I was hungry I would just go and eat. Now a days I am not always at my house at dinner time so in order for me to remain happy I have to pack a little goodie bag, and that is what I did this morning, when I Caleb and I left to haul some bales of hay.

We left the house first thing this morning so we could get as much could before the ground thawed. This meant that breakfast was a grab and go one. So as we were leaving I grabbed my breakfast along with a sack full of yummy’s.
On the menu for breakfast this morning was...
*Coffee (aka Mt Dew)
*doughnut (aka Yummy Chocolate Cupcake)

So riddle me this "it's ok to have a cake doughnut for breakfast but not a cupcake...humm I don't agree with this - eat a cupcake and enjoy it s what I say.

Now the snacks for later.....

*Snyder’s Sourdough Pretzel Nibblers....oh soo good!
*Craisins - I can't stand raisins, but oh how I love these!!
*Salted Party Peanuts
(If you want a good idea for a trail mix, mix - 1 bag of craisins, 1 bag of plain M&M's, and salted party peanuts)

* homemade peanut brittle (it's so good and soo easy I will share the recipe later)
So while I was workin' on my goodie bag Caleb was workin' on loadin' the trailer.

For those who have never been around a tippy trailer, they are really rather easy. First you need a tractor with a front-end loader.
Go grab a bale with it and take it to the back end of the trailer.
 From the back end you place the bales end to end...
...using the next bale to push the previous bales forward till the trailer is full. The trailer we are using today will hold 8 bales and is very long. We also have one that holds 6 bales and makes taking corners a little easier.
When you have the trailer loaded, head to where you want the bales dropped off, and line up next to where you want the row of bales to go.
Then you un-hook the tilt bar and....
....let 'er fly! Be sure to stand clear of the bar, cause it could clock you good if you get hit by it!
After all the bales are off, you grab a hold of the bar and tilt the trailer back to it's beginning position, secure it back and then...
...head back to the truck and go get your next load.

It's not too hard to use, and is great if you only have one tractor with a loader.

We only had a few loads to make, so my supplies of goodies were more than enough to hold me over till dinner time got here!


  1. I like your thinking! Just grab a cupcake and enjoy the moment is my thoughts as well! =)

  2. Janet, you go prepared! Good thinking! The only thing I can see that is needed is, this one is for you Caleb, a tractor with a cab!! I know this is considered a luxury and not a necessity! I'm a coffee and cake donut fan, but you are most deffinately correct on your comparison to MD and cupcake! As the Lord tells us-we are to be content and happy where we are and with what we have!

  3. My Mother in law inspects my car and TNT's pickup to make sure we have our Winter Survival kits in our vehicles every fall. Cause you just never know when you might need them.