Thursday, February 4, 2010


While I was up taking care of two of my nephews a few weeks ago, Logan (the youngest) and I took a day trip up to my hometown. While we were up there we had to make our rounds too see everybody.

First we stopped off to see Aunt Shelley at her job in a Vet's office.
As we are leaving, Aunt Shelley hooks Logan up with a full can of Dr. Pepper and a Hershey bar. Oh boy, he's gonna be wired!
Next it's off to school to see Grandma Tammy 'hard at work'.
While we were there we had a little biology lesson... grandpa shot the bobcat and where the hole the bullet made was.
Next it was time for more candy....oh boy just was he needed!
Now it's time for another science lesson.
This time it's about how magnets work.
There together now but....
...why can't I get them back together now?
Look they are floating.
Oh for get this crazy science stuff lets make some binoculars instead.
Yet another example of why he's had too much candy.
After school, we headed out to the farm to eat dinner with Grandpa. Then we headed back to town with Grandpa to get some feed. 
Logan like his special sideways seat in the back.
This it the closest thing to a smile that I am getting from my dad.
When we got back from town Logan helped grandpa fill the bird feeders for grandma.
Since it had been cloudy and cold all week Logan had a great time playin' out side and getting his shoes good and muddy.
Since grandpa had to get back to work and take a load of corn to town so..
...we said our goodbyes...
...then we got back to playin' in the mud and getting it all over our face!

After getting cleaned up, we loaded back up and headed back south toward Columbia to pick up Landon from school. Then we went back home and started cooking and cleaning-up for when Fletcher got there to play.


  1. Now thats how kids should look, with mud speckles on thier rosy cheeks!

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Looks like a great day! I'm glad you are able to spend time with your nephews like that. I usually get a day during the summer with my niece and nephew. They are both so busy with sports they hardly have time to come stay with us. :(

  3. Hey! I made your potato soup for supper last night, and it was yummy! Lance wants me to cook it every week! haha