Friday, February 19, 2010


I have wanted to do a giveaway for awhile now but for the longest time couldn’t decide what I wanted to giveaway. I finally decided on doing a ‘homemade giveaway’. Finally I had decided on what to giveaway now all I had to do was take the pictures. Well this morning I finally got up and shot the photos of what I was wanting to giveaway and now I can give them away….Yea!!

So here's what you will get....

A hat and scarf……I crocheted then, and I absolutely love them! I would keep them for myself, but I would never wear them enough and I would rather give them to one of you to enjoy.

Homemade Salsa…..I have so much of the stuff and I will never get it all ate up, so I thought I would share this with one of you. Everybody that I have shared it with so far has really liked it, so I hope you do too!
A necklace……I made it and think it’s very simple and a lot of fun and I hope one of you enjoys it too!

Finally is this Lindt Dark Chocolate that has pieces of orange and almonds in it. Ok so I didn't make this one, but it is one of my new favorite things. Caleb blames me having a thing for chocolate on his sister Charity, but I blame it on that amazingly wonderful chocolate cake I had made, but Charity was the one who introduced me to this chocolate and it is truly wonderful!!

Even if they aren't something that trips your trigger you can always give them away to someone else. I mean seriously you could get four presents for free how great is that!

So there's an addition to the giveaway. Since I'm getting old and forgetful....ok maybe not old just yet, but for sure fogetful...o-well here's what I'm adding.

Ok, so here's the skinny on the giveaway....

*you must a follower of my blog....all ya have to do is click the follow button on the side panel or click follow at the top of the page. I will however make exceptions for the friends and family members who I know follow regularly.

*One Entry per person

* Just leave a comment and tell me your favorite thing about winter.

* Entries will close Tuesday, February 23 at midnight, and I will hopefully announce the winner sometime on Wednesday.

I'll start it off-----my favorite thing about winter is knowing spring is right around the corner!! ;)

------ for those who are bloggers and would like a second entry all you have to do is mention my giveaway in you blog and then come back here and leave another comment telling you did that or with a link to you blog post.


  1. My favorite thing about winter........let me see. My favorite thing about winter.......well I guess my favorite thing about winter is it'll be over soon. lol

  2. My favorite thing about winter is the warmth of family and friends and watching my 3 sons play in the snow-Robin Shores

  3. One of my favorite things about winter is when I get an early morning phone call and discover no school due to the weather, or when we have a thaw that doesn't lead to MUD! AARG! MOM

  4. My favorite thing about winter is how pretty everything looks covered with snow. I like to enjoy the view from INSIDE my house though :)


  5. Hmmmmm, I suppose my favorite thing about winter is how it makes us appreciate spring so much more. And no wasps!! I have a small bee phobia...*blushes*

  6. Janet, what a wonderful and generous giveaway! Ok, we need to get together sometime when you're back in MO so we can talk photography and jewelry-making (two of my favorite things). Awesome stuff! Alrighty, at this point in winter I'm tempted to say something negative about it (ugh!), but I'll say one reason to like winter is CHRISTMAS. I'm a follower, of course. Enjoy your weekend! -Tammy

  7. Ok... so I am now a follower. I love the idea... I want to do it too!
    So, my favorite thing about winter, of course, is the first snow. The first good snow. It's like God's way of cleansing and starting a new.

  8. My favorite thing about winter is that there are no snakes or mosquitoes!

  9. My favorite thing about winter is spending time with the family over the winter holidays! I also enjoy sledding and building snowmen with the hubby and my kiddos; then drinking hot chocolate! Yummy!

  10. I'm not sure I have a favorite thing about winter, ok wait, my favorite thing about winter is standing in front of the fireplace... although it's so cold I have to or I freeze!

  11. My favorite thing about winter is the snow! It is so beautiful and to think that God has made each and every snowflake different! That just amazes me! Missy Stoner