Monday, February 8, 2010

Visitor's from Missouri

So a while back my Grandparents came down to visit Caleb and I on their way down to Springfield, MO from Shelbina, MO...cause ya know Southeast Kansas is right a long the way!! ;) Ok, so it was a little out of their way but it didn't bother me one bit!! I was just excited to get to see them!!
While they were down, I gave them the tour of the farm and told them all the history, or at least all that I knew.
That evening I invited Caleb's Grandparent's that we farm with over for supper. Which also included lots of story telling....
....and lots of laughs. But this was no surprise to me, cause when you get to old farmers in the same room the stories could go on for hours!!!
Since my grandparent’s were coming down Caleb thought we had better have a spare bed for them to sleep in, after all that would only be nice. We had been planning on getting a new bed for our selves since we had gotten married and that has been over a year ago. So the night before they get here we head over to Joplin in search of a new bed. We get over there pick out what we want and head home. We don't get home till almost 10:30 at night so we unload everything from the truck and go to bed. The next morning we move our old full size bed over to the spare bedroom and so I can get it ready for my grand parents. We needed to get some slats for our new bed, so we were gonna wait till later to set it up. Meanwhile Caleb heads out to do the cattle chores and I start cleaning, but I have this huge obstacle of a mattress and box spring in the middle of my dinning room floor.

So finally that evening while I am preparing supper for the Grandparent's Caleb gets to work on putting the bed to gather. He puts the frame to gather, lays down the slats, and puts the box spring and mattress down. Then all of a sudden I hear this roar of laughter come as my Grandma Dorothy is walking out of the room. She tells me "come here you've got to see this."

As I walk in to my room I see this huge queen size bed with gi-normous pillow top mattress and box springs that is half way to the ceiling! I am 5'8" and I had to jump to get on top of the bed!
This Picture really doesn’t do justice for how tall the bed was. If you look on the left side of the picture you can see Caleb, and the top of the mattress is higher than his waste and he is 6'1". On all the bed frames at the store we bought this mattress at this wouldn't have been so high, because they all set really close to the floor, but I didn't want a frame like that I wanted one that was higher off the floor, cause this meant I could fit things under the bed.
Well after a little bit of freaking out by my husband, cause we just spent all this money on a new bed and we feel like we are sleeping on the edge of a huge cliff. We decide to keep the mattress and take the box spring back. So Caleb goes and gets some of the extra plywood we had out in the garage and cuts it to fit the bed and by the time it was all said and done we had a new bed that was fully supported and I have been sleeping great ever since!!!


  1. LOL looks like you all had a great time! Hope Grandma and Papa enjoyed the trip and the weather was not too bad for them!

  2. Great pictures of two wonderful people I know :) Glad they were able to visit you, Janet! -Tammy

  3. Janet, you've got a keeper there in Caleb!! I've been arguing our way too high mattress with my husband for 4 years(!), even to the point that he's replaced the box spring twice. And, like Caleb knows, all he has to do is cover the bedframe, and the mattress will be fine. Stubborn, stubborn, stubborn! Glad it all worked out, and I'll bet that was a great visit with your Grandparents.

  4. Great photos! And nice work on the bed as well! =)

  5. Too funny! We are still sleeping on a waterbed frame cause my husband just can't give it up. When I moved in I had this expensive bed and it was like yours in that it is pretty high. My hubby complained and whined so I gave in and we are just using the top mattress in an old waterbed frame. We're classy like that.

  6. haha...aren't guys funny they always like to pretend that it is always "yes dear, whatever you say dear," but the truth of the matter is us women have to give-in all the time to them or they won't stop winning!

  7. Looks like yall could've used some of those doggy steps to get on the bed! lol