Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Buyin' Some Ladies!

Recently Caleb's grandparents bought some pasture land right down the road from us and nobody had any cattle to put on it at the time.  Caleb decided he wanted to buy some more cattle and rent that pasture from them. So this past Saturday when a local sale barn was having a special cow sale, Caleb decided to go and see if he couldn't get some ladies to fill this pasture with.
First things we had to do when we got there was get a number so we could bid....if we saw something we wanted to get.
Next we headed out to the holding pens to check out what they had back there.
I almost had a smile here....I think he's thinking "Why did you bring that thing out?"

So to tell a little on Caleb.....before we got to the sale barn Caleb asked " Are you taking your camera in?"

"Yes, why do I embarrass you with it?"

" Is that the right answer?"

Little did he know, when he bought it for me last summer, that it would go with me everywhere and that included the sale barn.  He had better get use to it cause it's probably not going to change any time soon!

Ok, back to looking a the cattle.

After checking out all the ladies, we head back into the sale barn and get ready for the sale to start.
Bring in the ladies. 

Groups can be sold in any size.  They may bring in only one and some times they may have eight cows in the ring.
Now the anxious farmer looks on, checking each group with care, to see if it looks like something he would like to add to his herd.  There is no visiting allowed while he is looking at the groups that are brought into the ring cause if he looses his concentration he might just loose the group of cows he was wanting to buy or he might get confused and pay too much for a group of cows he didn't want.

After passing on a few different groups he finally finds a few groups that he like and that were in his price range. So he bids on the, buys them and I write the check.  Wait how come I have to write the check?!?!
Next we load them all up and take them back home to our newly rented pasture. We open the back trailer gate and out they go.
Caleb stands back looks over his new ladies as they head out read to explore their new home.  
 Now it's time to shut the trailer gate....
and latch it close and head home to eat some supper.


  1. Great entry! I`ve only bought our steers from neighbors so this look into the sale barn was quite neat! Thanks for sharing...and my hubby gets nervous when I take my camera along for blog stories too. *Wink*

  2. I love going to the sale barn. I love to watch the bidding going on. Just a slight nod of the head is a yes or no. Which makes me sit very still when I'm there. I don't want to accidently buy a trailer load of cows when all I have is my car. lol

  3. Farm wives are only good for cooking, cleaning, and writing checks, lol.