Monday, March 22, 2010

Crazy Weekend in Southeast Kansas

Friday was sunshiny and 70 degrees. No jacket, no stocking hat...just jeans, a long sleeve shirt, and a pair of sunglasses. Actually I was wearing a t-shirt. It was beautiful and sunny, but..... didn't last. This is what we woke up Saturday morning, and it kept it up all day and all night along with win blowing 17-20 mph

So Sunday morning we wake up to a sad day.....there was a no church and there was at least 8 inches of snow on the ground and the wind was still blowing 17-20 mph. Oh joy more snow and crazy Kansas wind this makes for a great day.  Well, the cattle still have to eat, so Caleb and I get in the chore truck and head out to feed.  We know it's gonna be an interesting morning when we head down the road to our first pasture and have to gun it to make it through all the snow drifts.  

The first group of cattle got fed with little to no problems....well we did have to take the gate off the hinges so we could get in the pasture, but that wasn't too big of a deal. We just hung it back up when we were done!
But while we were in there we did almost get stuck.
The ladies got their food and were happy. So Caleb and I got back in the truck and headed back down the snow covered roads. If you were only going north or south you were just fine, but if you need travel east or west you were likely to have some problems.....and, well we needed to go east and west a lot, so you know what that means.......we had problems. 
Caleb was concentrating hard while driving....and in order to do that successfully you must stick your tongue out. Well as we were driving, we come up to the top of a hill and right in front of us was about 50-100 feet of snow drifts that were partly covering the road. (Originally Caleb had told me we were going to take the long way to the pastures and go on the highway cause it would be cleared off, but I guess he got a crazy hair and decided to try his luck on the dirt roads) Well, the drifts had a set of Amish wagon tracks going through the side of them them and some 4-wheeler tracks going next to them. .....we got stuck....and in the ditch just as I predicted. So Caleb makes the phone call for help and I grabbed my camera and went to play in the snow.
Caleb - "Well the Amish made it through the drifts. What do you think?"

Me- "If you try it you will probably end up in the ditch."

Caleb - "I think we can make it, I just need to get a little run at it."

So he backs up the truck and gets enough distance to get a good run at it. Then he put the 'peddle to the medal' and meets those drifts head on. Well Caleb must not have stuck his tongue out far enough, cause the inevitable happened....

Hey there I am and here are the snow drifts Caleb thought he could make it through. I am 5'8" so as you can see these were some pretty big drifts.
They were also pretty dense cause they held me up as I walked to the top....
...but not for long. Oh well it was fun while it lasted!

Ok, enough about me, lets get back to Caleb....after all if it wasn't for him I wouldn't have anything to write about.
 Look here he comes with "Pop's towing service," this time.  

 After a little tugging and pulling he was out...
...and ready to put the chain away, cause we won't be needing it any more.... 
....well at least not for another 50 ft or so. Yep we're stuck again. Caleb thought if Pop drove the tractor through the drifts and broke them open that we could make it on through. Well I guess you can't always be right.
Here's one of the drifts next to where he got stuck for the second time. Caleb is 6 ft and these guys were well over his head. Luckily Pop was still there with the tractor so we were out and going again in no time.
The roads were still far from good but Caleb kept his hands on the wheel and the pedal to the floor. No time to look back cause we were too far in to stop and turnaround now.
And while Caleb kept his hands on the wheel and eyes on the road, I kept my hand tight on the 'Oh Poop' handle as Caleb would call it or the 'Oh Sh**' handle as I would call it....he's a little nicer than I am. 
Well we finally made it around to all the pastures and like this little guy I was tuckered out and ready to just lay down and take a Sunday afternoon nap! 
But before we went home I made Caleb take a walk with me down to the creek for a few pictures. It was so beautiful and peacful down there. I could have stayed down there forever if it hadn't been so cold and I was starving!

The lets go home and eat! Potato Soup any one?!?!?


  1. OMG!!! I am very impressed with those drifts!!! and I live in Canada!! I am also impressed seeing a man smile after being stuck in the snow
    Theresa in Alberta

  2. haha....I think he kinda knew it would happen and all he could do was laugh about it!

  3. Well, at least it won't last long since it is March 22. All of our snow in NE MO melted today in the 60+ degree weather. LOVE MOM

  4. Oh my gosh, that man of yours thinks just like mine does!

    'Drifts as high as a house? Pshaw, no drift can stop me!'

  5. Poor Janet. I hate to tell you this but the snow left about 2 inches on Friday, but it was all melted come Saturday. On Sunday I worked out in the tree row in a t-shirt. It was a beautiful 60+!!

    My friends went down to OK City to watch the NCAA tourney and they said the roads sucked Friday night and it was so cold all weekend.