Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Relaxin' in the Sun

So yesterday morning, well actually it was about 11 am I was on my way out to do some of the cattle chores...I know what your thinking, shouldn't you have been out doing those earlier? Well Caleb had gone out to do them, but then had a meeting at 11am in town and well he didn't get them all done. I think in part because he did a little more talkin’ than anything else!

Ok back to the story....I was headed out to the truck to go and do some chores when I hear this meow, meow and then I see it......

Dottie relaxin' in the sun on the back of the truck on a pile of net wrap. She was loaded up and ready to go and feed the cows.....
.....ok, she was taking a nap in a warm, soft, sun shiny spot. She didn't even get up when I came over there she just laid there meowed a little bit, then stretched. She wasn't ready to move just yet there were still a lot of beautiful sun shiny hours left to nap the day away in the dare I wake her up!
I finally got her to open her eyes up a little more, but she still wouldn't move. Then I started the truck, here eyes beamed wide open and she shot off the truck like a bat out of a bat cave.....haha you thought I was gonna say something else.

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  1. How I envy her. Yesterday would have been a great day to lay in the sun and relax. :)

  2. What a grand idea Dottie had! I wouldn`t mind a nap in the sun myself!