Friday, March 5, 2010

There is Hope

This winter has been a long and hard one, with constant snow storms since Christmas.

We were constantly putting hay out for our cattle.

Then one day all the snow melted and even though it was a muddy mess we were still glad, cause all the snow was gone.
But the temperatures were still well below normal and it was oh soo cold. We were constantly waking up to frost covered truck and trees.
Then all of a sudden when you think all hope is lost....

...there is a flash of color in the dull brown grass. Could it be, is it really, some beautifil little crocus flowers poping up to say hello?

I love crocuses. They aren't a flashy flower but but they are one of hope. Hope that this cold weather will soon go away and hope that spring is just around the corner.
Just a little hope is all some one need to make it through a tough time or a tough winter. So for all of you out there that think spring will never come these little guys are here to encourage you to just stick in there cause those warm spring days will soon be here.


  1. I'm so ready for spring. Yesterday we had our first thunderstorm of the year. LOVED it!

  2. I just loved the snapshots of the early bloomers! I just today found my first goose eggs of this season, so hope is abounding!!

  3. OMG are those seriously out now? Exciting! I was told the other night that we'll have cold spells all the way until April 20th :( Yey for pretty flowers!

  4. I can't wait to see those around here!

  5. I opened my windows for the first time today, very exciting!!

  6. those are gorgeous flowers, I have to research these and see if they grow in Idaho.. I love them! Oh and I love your cows :) they are adorable.