Thursday, November 18, 2010

And the Answer Is...

 Chicken Litter it is!

And just like a few of you said it sure doesn't smell like roses! If you haven't ever smelled litter before than go open a bottle of rubbing alchol and stick your nose in it and you'd just about have it!

We use litter as a fertilizer for our fields.  Unfourtently all the chicken houses are in Oklahoma, which means a long drive to get it here. So we don't get near as much of it as we would like.

It was suspose to be spread last weeks, but the guys who were gonna do the spreading wasn't able to get to it until Friday, and by then it had rained and was too wet.

I would have gotten a picture of the spreader, but it's yucky and nasty outside and I didn't want to go out there.

Aside from getting chicken litter spread, we have also been doin' a little field work too.

This is just one of the pieces of equiptment that we have been running. It's our 4-wheel drive pullin' a chisel.

All the ground that we are using the chisel on right now will be going to corn next spring.

We also did some disking toget the ground ready for some wheat planting.

Now I am not a huge fan of wheat, mainly because when harvest comes around in the spring we are busyer than elves on Christmas eve. 

But the one good things about planting it is I will hopefully get some pretty wheat pictures in the spring time.



  1. I can just imagine the smell. Every spring we use to clean out the chicken house for the new chicks we'd get to butcher. Oh that smell is not good at all, but the places we'd dump it in the field always had the best crops.

  2. You can always tell when it's spring around here. Everybody....I mean spreading chicken litter. I think yall should just build some chicken houses of your own! Plenty of poop to go around then!

  3. Great pics! You should get some chickens! They sure don't take long to make a lot of poop, and you can sell the eggs. I miss fresh eggs, but I was just not up to keeping chicks alive through the winter AND keeping up with a toddler and newborn. :P

  4. We raise turkeys for Cargill so believe me . . . I'm with ya on the smell :0!! Turkey/chicken litter makes excellent fertilizer. We spread it on our pastures where we bale hay and where our cattle graze. My husband says it smells like money :0!

  5. Love your blog....I am basically a learker...sorry...just wondering what is the purpose for that long arm ( bar ) on the side ofthe chisel?

  6. Patti,

    I'm sorry I didn't explain that better. There was only one picture of a chisel and it's red. All the following pictues are of planting wheat and the drill that we use. That long arm on the drill is a row marker that is used to show the person running the tractor where the need to pant on their next round through the field.