Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Because it's my birthday month...

Because we are finished harvesting soybeans...

Because I love purses and handbags...

Because I love things that make my life easier...

Because I can...

And because I love ya'll...

I am giving away one of my most favorite things...

...a Pouchee.

This is something that I have and use and LOVE!!

They are a kind of purse organizer, and even though it's not that big it can hold a lot of stuff such as...


...cell phone

...check book



....and soo much more!!

So for those of you who have an addiction to handbags and purse, but hate having to move all your stuff every time or if you need some help keeping everything together you will love this.

They come in a large variety of colors but today I am going to giveaway one royal blue one.

It's a beauty and I know you'll love it!!

To Enter:

Just leave me a comment telling me your favorite Thanksgiving food...or whatever you want to say.

One entry per person

*You can earn a second entry by blogging about my giveaway and then leaving a second comment with a link to you post.

Entries will close at midnight on Sunday, November 7th and I will announce the winner on Monday morning.

Ok I will get this started...I love my Grandma's baked sweet potatoes...oh how yummy!!!



  1. Hands down...it's STUFFING! I always make extra so I can slice and 'fry' it in the cast iron skillet. Super yummy!!

  2. Mashed potatoes and gravy...oh so yumnmy.

    You're so generous! :) Happy birthday month to you!!

  3. Oh a favorite is just too hard to choose! My mom's turkey and dressing, no wait, my SIL sweet potato casserole, no it's gotta be the pumpkin roll or pumpkin pie...all I know is that I always eat way too much of all of it!

    Love that Pouchee! I need one of those!

  4. I kno this wll sound weird but I like the turkey neck! Boiled down with a little bit ofgarlic salt...yummy!!!

  5. Oh it has to be the dressing!! (no it's not stuffing because we never put it in the turkey.) I can eat it hot or cold, with or without gravy--it's yummy!

  6. Oh and yes--have a wonderful birthday!! I'm sure you will have lots of good leftovers to eat!!

  7. Dressing and ham! And my mom's sweet potato casserole. And pies... and heck, how can I just choose just one thing?

    New blog btw, it's open to the whole, wide world. :)

  8. It's a tie between pumpkin pie and sweet potatoes!

  9. My most favorite thing to eat was always anything my little sister made! She is the best cook ever!

  10. Chicken dressing, chicken casserole, turkey, sweet potatoes, and all the desserts!

  11. The favorite dish on our Thanksgiving table is my sweetpotatoes! Can not have a holiday meal with out it.

  12. It's my birthday month too! Maybe that will bring me luck! My favorite Thanksgiving dish is cornbread stuffing. I could eat my weight in it!! Of course you gotta have giblet gravy on it.

  13. I really love the turkey gravy on mashed potatoes.

  14. So maybe this is strange...but my grandma always makes me asparagus on Thanksgiving and she and I are the only ones who eat it. ;) Its "our thing".

    And if you're looking for something a bit more normal...I do enjoy a good piece of pumpkin pie. But I like it COLD with ICE CREAM. (A real fight in a family who likes it warm from the oven with whipped cream.)

    There. And now you know just what a nut I really am. :)


  15. I like all the appetizers my aunt comes up with that we eat before Thanksgiving :)

  16. I like the turkey...but it's gotta come with potatoes and gravy and dressing and all of the good stuff...and my Mom's custard pie. mmmmmm

  17. Rolls! I love rols and butter. My grandpa used to call me his bread and butter girl, because that is all I ever wanted to eat. Yum, now I'm hungry for rolls and I'm on a low carb diet. GRRR

  18. We love our special Pecan Pie for dessert! It would not be a special holiday without it. My grandmother used to make it and I continued the tradition...

  19. pumpkin roll and brocolli casserole yummy!! Happy Birthday month also

  20. Wow, this is tough! I think I love cornbread dressing the most!

  21. I vote for the homemade "never-fail" noodles. Gosh, can't believe it is time for your birthday again, hope is a good one and that Caleb gets you anything you want!

  22. My very favorite thing about Thanksgiving isn't the cooking or the food or the football... It's having all of that extra time to spend with family and loves ones that are missed so dearly throughout the times when you don't get to see them. The cherry pies aren't too bad either!!! =).

    *~Dewey Dawn~*