Friday, November 5, 2010

Beans, Beans, Beans...

Well we finished harvesting all our bean last Saturday, and boy was that a great feeling!

Last year at this time we were just finishing up with corn harvest and we were harvesting beans after Thanksgiving.

We didn't have a record harvest this year, but we did have a harvest. There were a few times this past summer that we weren't sure if we were gonna have any beans.

Now that the beans are finished that means we get to rest...

um not so fast...

Since it has been soo dry this fall the guys went strait into field work. Not only getting the fields ready for planting corn next spring, as well as getting some wheat planted this fall.

I have been busy here in the house trying to get some things ready so we can hopefully move all the rest of the stuff into the house.

Well I better get back at it!



  1. We didn't finish picking cotton last year until Dec. 15th! I'm glad it was much drier this year, but I wish it hadn't been so dry! We were lucky this year and actually had some of the highest peanut and cotton yields in the state. We've started planting rye as a cover crop now. No rest for the weary! lol

  2. Move the rest of the stuff into the house??