Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Workin' on Christmas Cards

I am not one of those people who get overly excited about about Christmas at this time of the year. I love Thanksgiving and the history behind the holiday, and lets be serious all that yummy food is just GREAT!!

But once Thanksgiving is over I am all about Christmas. It is the time when we celebrate the best gift this world was ever given.

Now one bit of Christmas that I do start workin' with before Thanksgiving is my Christmas cards.

I do them online and boy are they easy! I fist did them at Wal-Mart but then they lost them and caused me all sorts of headaches, so last year I decided to do them through Shutterfly. Shutterfly had a lot of different layouts and they were a lot cuter too! They also didn't lose my pictures and I got them super fast.  Plus I already have all my pictures on there and I use them all the time.

The cool thing is that Shutterfly is offering a great deal for all you bloggers out there. All ya got to do is write something about them and their cards and link to their website and they will give you 50 FREE cards. How awesome is that!!!

What's even better is that this year Shutterfly has released some new designs for their Christmas cards and boy are they fun!! Here are a few designs that I just love.

So many choices, I don't know how I'm gonna choose.

Well I guess I better start by getting a picture of Caleb and I for the card.

Do you do Christmas Cards?



  1. I so need to do this! I always go for the really funny cards, but I can't find any of them this year. I might make one with some farm pictures!

  2. Awesome! My sis is supposed to take our pics this weekend so I can get that project underway, and before I get fat! Haha. Last year I was sending cards out the week before.. Lets hope I'm better this year. ;)
    I'm with ya on Thanksgiving.. I love it! And THEN we can get excited for Christmas!!

  3. Thanks for the heads up, Janet! I love all of those designs. A tradition I started the year I got the mini donkeys is sending out cards with them on it. The last two they have been dressed up (last yr it was reindeer antlers). The craziness.. I know :) I will check this out. Thanks again! -Tammy

  4. I use shutterfly for nearly all my printing. Love them!

    And yes, we do cards. I was just telling the husband that we need to start thinking about this year's picture.

  5. My goal every Christmas is that the first card my friends and family if from me. So I usually send them out right after Thanksgiving. I better get in gear.

    I was looking at Shutterfly and noticed that the 5x5 cards you have to put extra postage on them when you mail. Just thought I'd let everyone know about that. Cause I found some really cute ones, but then I noticed that the extra postage needed. Of course if you get the cards for free paying postage isn't that big of a deal.

  6. oops. That first sentence is suppose to say...My goal every Christmas is that the first card my friends and family receive is from me.