Monday, November 29, 2010

Momma Cows Make A Lot of Noise!

Momma cows make a lot of noise when we work their babies.

"Susie? Susie, where are you?"

"Susie, come here! What are you doing in there?"

"Susie, what are you doing in that contraption?"

"What are you doing to my little girl?"

"Susie, I thought I told you not to get your ear pierced!"

"What are you still doing in there? Get out here this instance!"

"Yes, I'm FREE!!"

"I'm out of here! I wonder where all my friends went to? See ya later Mom."

"Susie you get back here! Don't you run away from me when I'm talkin' to you! Did you hear me?!?! Susie you come back here!"


  1. LOL! That was very cute Janet. Them mommas are loud, aren't they!

  2. Every girl needs their ears pierced! lol

  3. Cute! Sometimes those kids just don't want to listen... ;)

  4. Suza and Suzo BOTH get their ears pierced around here.

    We have a pen of weaned calves in the lot and they're LOUD!

  5. So funny! Loved it. I give my mama cow/calf voices and names too :) I'm always joking about "me time" that mama cows funny. Love your blog, we are very similar in our lifestyle! I'm also a farmers wife, pnuts cotton beans milo corn...north Florida. I'm enjoying all your photos. Great blog! Check mine out too! ~Tracie

  6. Those darn calves never listen to their wise mothers. lol Cute post.