Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A GREAT Surprise!

So about 2 1/2 - 3 weeks ago my cat, Dottie...

you know her, she brings dead rabbits into my garage, leaves half eaten rats on my back door step and is more annoying than that purple dinosaur

She was hangin' out in my garage one night and the next morning she was gone.

No big deal, right. She's back and forth from the barn all the time.

A few days go by and I haven't heard her. Usually she's hangin' out in my garden shed and she will start hollarin' at me for some attention.

A week goes by and still no cat, I wasn't to worried cause this has happened before. She'll be gone for about a week and then she'll show up.

Then it was getting close to two weeks and still no cat. By this time I am beginning to think and believe that my cat is gone...

...either a coyote got her, she got hit by a car, or someone shot her.

By this time I was getting pretty sad and belivin' my cat is no more.

Then last night I get home after pickin' up my new washer and I go out to see my dogs and give them some lovin' before I go to bed, that's when I hear this sound that sounds like my cat meowin'. It was a very faint sound...

...could it be

...naw, it's not my cat she's gone

...then the noise grew louder, and louder

...and then I saw a pair of eyes and there she was. There was my annoying little cat, who wasn't soo little.

No she's not pregnant, she's been out catchin' mice and rats and is fat as a tick and now has the prettiest and softest coat.

So I am a very happy girl now.

Goodnight, I'm gonna go and pet my cat.



  1. We had a wild cat show up on our farm about a month ago. He's been tame at one time, but won't let us touch him. Anyway, he hasn't been up on the porch to eat supper the last two nights. TNT is beside himself wondering where he is. He'll stand on the porch, Kitty where are you? Makes me laugh at just how tough he is. ;)

  2. Glad kitty came home. I worried about mine when she was gone for a few weeks. But if was after Diesel got her and I thought she went off to die. She turned up too. Give her a scratch on the neck for me!