Friday, February 18, 2011

The New Men in My Life

So back on January 23rd, on the way home from church I got a call from my brother, Keith...

Brothers call their sisters all the time what's the big deal with that...

Well my sister-in-law was about to pop and we were expecting to hear that the little man was here at any time and that's just what I heard this day....

Well kinda, he was telling me that they were at the hospital and that the little man was on his way.

The little guy had played a little too much in mommy's tummy and had the cord wrapped around his neck so they had to do a c-section to get him out but other than that he was just fine. Momma was a little sore but she is doing a lot better now.

Little Mr. Ratliff was 7lbs 10oz and 19 1/2 inches long and just as sweet as ever!

Daddy with his new little man. The little guy actually looked a lot like his daddy, all except for his little nose...

He had his mommas nose.

Keith was practicing his swaddling, and he didn't do to bad of a job at it.

We weren't the only ones visiting them that night.

The little man also got to meet some of his cousins....

Who no doubt will teach him all sorts of rotten things!

Auntie Kim also got some cuddle time with the little guy he was just a sweet little thing.

Well, two weeks later on February 13, we got another call, only this time it was on the way to church telling us that Caleb's Little sister Holly was at the hospital getting ready to have her little guy. We had been waiting for this call for about two weeks now, we thought the little guy was going to come early, but he just wasn't ready yet.

But I know momma wishes he would have come a little earlier cause Little Mr. Miksch weighed 9 lbs 8 oz and was 21 1/2 inches long so he was a big boy.

Momma had him naturally but with a little help from the doctor, cause little man's head was anything but small.

But look how precious he is just soo sweet!

The whole family together...

I just love this picture cause look at Holly's face you can just see how happy she is to finally get to meet her little man.

The poor little guy wasn't feeling the best when we were there his little tummy was just a bit upset, but...

That didn't mean we didn't get some snuggle time with him.

Grandma was loving spending time with her new little grandson.

Even Uncle Caleb got to spend some time with the little guy.

Oh and don't think I didn't snatch him up for a bit too, we just forgot to get a picture of it, but not to fear there will be plenty more times to get pictures with him and I can't wait.

So those are the new sweet little men in my life. Unfortunately I live three hours from both of them so by the next time I see them they will be totally different.

Well I'm off to make a Strawberry Pie, cause it's that time of the year when Caleb finally catches back up to me in age. So I am off to make the birthday boy his nasty (I only saw nasty cause I don't like strawberry pies, if you like strawberry pies than you would like this pie) strawberry pie.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, I know I am sure going to enjoy this weather while we have it!!

Catch ya later,

Auntie J


  1. Happy Birthday Caleb. And wonderful news on two baby boys. Very cute!!

  2. Awwww, nothing sweeter than fresh from the womb babies! Love all that silky soft hair, just precious! Happy birthday to your man! Mine always prefers pies to cake!

  3. hahaha... My grandma used to always tell me you can never refer to food as "Nasty" just say you don't like it :)

  4. Yeah thats a very handsome baby! He must definitely take after his father!

  5. Oh- cute, cute , cute!! What a bunch of beautiful babies. Congratulations all around!