Friday, February 11, 2011

Things to Know

1. I was born in Northeastern Missouri where on average it is 10-15 degrees colder than Southeast Kansas most of the time...

That was until this winter where we have reached colder temps down here than they have had up there.

2. I can't stand cold weather.  I grew up with it but I didn't like it then and I still don't like it now. If I could move farther south I would but since my hubby and our farm is here I guess I will stay.

3. All this cold white stuff will be gone next week and I can't wait!!

4. When I woke up and saw this temp a week and a half ago I thought it was ridiculously cold and that I would never see temps that cold down here again...

Only to wake up yesterday morning to find it even colder and that's just wrong! 

5. I really don't have anything to say about this picture, I just really liked it.

6. We got more snow.

7. There is no such thing as too many pictures of baby calves....

Especially when they are cute and nosey

8. These little ones had the best seat in the house the other morning.

9. I am sick of taking pictures in the snow... 

So I went back through my archives and found some pictures with green grass and sunshine when it was 80 degrees.

10. I know I've said before that I don't like the looks of a field full of hay bales, cause that means I got a lot of hauling ahead of me, but...

Oh how I wish I was wearing a tank top and hauling hay right now!

11. I wish I could catch a toad right now...

that would mean it is warm and I am wearing a tank top and a very happy girl!

12. Ok that enough reminiscing for now. Spring will be here before you know it and I will be a happy busy girl!

13. Later tatter,

14. Janet


  1. That makes two of us ready for 80 degree temps. I am sick of snow, and I don't ever get to say that because we don't usually ever get enough snow to get sick of!

  2. SNOW SNOW GO AWAY!!! We are suppose to be in the 50's this weekend. TNT has a big long list of honey do's though. One includes washing the tractor. YUCK!!! But I'll be loving all that snow melting.

    Oh and you are right about not having too many picture of calves!

  3. love the calf pictures! love the blog banner! AND, i, too, love looking at summer pics when it's the dead cold of winter. I always think to myself, 'when spring finally rolls around I vow to LIVE outside in the sunlight!'

    hope you have a great friday, and I hope you are right about all the snow saying farewell... i DO hope!

  4. Amen

    I'm so ready for warm weather and beautiful green scenery.

  5. Hate farm critters. Cute post;) That last pic is awesome...super simple.

  6. Well we are supposed to hot 80 this next week... But, it won't be green yet. Can you believe that? CRAZY! I'm ready for spring too, so tired of this dead brown world.

  7. Ditto! I'm tired of all the ice and snow we have. It's been a long winter. I'm warm weather bird myself, I hate being cold. Bring on the 80 degree weather, even if it does mean ay time!

  8. Mmmm, loved your hay pictures. I can smell those bales now. We keep catching on fire around here, which is nuts because we had snow. But it's been so dry, I'm somewhat fearful of what this spring may bring if it doesn't come several good rains!!!

  9. oh man! remember when it was summer and everyone was happy!?!?!? boo snow! thanks for the sunshine!

  10. Ever since Landau first appeared on AGT, I've been anxiously awaiting his first album. Got my first copies today!! Yes, I certainly ordered more than just one! And, I'm so glad I did. At least now while I'm waiting for his second album, I'll be able to enjoy the first. If I wear one out, I've got plenty more to keep on listening.