Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Days that Followed

The days that followed the huge snow storm were just plain busy! We first had to get all dug out. I said the other day that we got 15 inches but after being out and about the following days Caleb and I both agreed that it was probably closer to 12 inches rather than 15...

but either way it was a lot of snow!

Luckily one of the guys that was working for the gas well workers came by with a backhoe and made the first pass through our drive...

He also helped get the tractor out of the barn. It has a bad battery and decided it didn't want to start this morning. So we got it pulled out and then....

Strung every extension cord we had from the house out to the barn and connected the tractor to a battery charger.

It was so nice to get this path busted through cause it was a huge workout walkin' through all this snow.

Once we got the tractor going Caleb used it to clear pathes through the pastures so I could get out there with the truck and the bale.

The ladies look alot better the day after the storm than they did while the snow was falling.

We had to take a tractor with us to all the pastures so it could break through the snow drifts and this place had the biggest one of all the farms....

It was a good 7 feet tall.

It took a lot of clearing to get it all busted loose and pushed out of the way.

As you can see my once good helpers are now lazy and just want to stay on the truck instead of help.

The fun thing about feeding catlle every day in the winter is that they become very accustome to you and don't really shy away when you bring them their food.

Now along with feeding hay we were once again back to chopping ice...

and this time it was thicker than before. It was close to 4 inches thick in most places...

That's why we love it when we have pastures like this one that have running water on them and it stays open...

But we only have this one two of the five farms so...

That means we spen a lot of time throwin' an ax.

Some days the ladies are there waiting patiently un-patiently..

Just waiting for Caleb to get out of the way so the can come a get a ice cold drink of water.

For a couple of days after the storm chores took a lot longer, but then it got closer back to normal and some of the snow melted...

but today we are suppose to get some more snow again, we are just praying that it's not as much and that it doesn't drift either.

Hope ya all are staying warm and that you don't get the any of this craziness that we are getting.




  1. Spring will be here soon....we hope. Of course that brings a whole new list of chores on the farm, but at least it's warmer and you're not walkin through the *ahhem*-deep snow!

  2. Oh Janet get ready it is headed your way and it is not nice out there. We have about 5 inches on the ground now with another 5-7 still to come. Wind is blowing about 15 right now, but it's suppose to pick up to 30 this afternoon. If that happens I'm afraid what will happen. This morning at 7:30 the highways were already staring to blow shut.

    Is that your house behind the 7 foot drift? If so awesome!

  3. You must not be far from us or so it seems with this weather. We are in for more as well here in Southwest Missouri. Thankfully the weekend looks promising with highs in the 50's so hopefully that will melt all this snow but then that leaves us mud to deal with. Great photos as always. Have a great day.

  4. It is looking a bit like Minnesota.... hope you are all dugged out and get some of that warmer weather.

  5. Al Gore blames this crazy "cold" weather on "Global Warming".... :)

  6. Good lands, that is alot of snow! Cattle are so needy aren't they? Doesn't it just make you mad to hear people say they wished snow days would last forever? I heard that all over fb, and goodness, it made me so mad! I guess if a body doesn't have livetsock to deal with then it is all fun and giggles. But we were so glad when it hit 61 on Monday! Now we're back to 10, and they are shipping yearlings. But hopefully it won't last as long as last week's storm.

  7. WOW! I can't even imagine dealing with that much snow!!

  8. Yikes! It really DID snow a lot there didn't it? I guess I should stop complaining about the few inches of snow we get here in the South. It is still cold, and we got a dusting today, but nothing that bad. Glad you are able to get out of the house a bit easier now.