Monday, January 25, 2010

5.31 Seconds

5.31 Seconds is how long it takes for three little boys to destroy a room.

     I spent this past week taking care of my sister, Kim's, children in Columbia, MO, while Kim and Brandon were celebrating their 10th wedding anniversary in Hawaii. I'm pretty sure I should get sister-of-the-year award, cause while they were in Hawaii soakin’ up the sun, it was in the 30's and cloudy here the entire time. O-well I had a blast with the boys just the same. I have plenty of stories to tell about the week and I will share them in other posts but this one is about last Friday night.
     On Thursday evening I got a call from my cousin Jeremiah. He wanted to see if it would be ok if he and his family stopped by to drop some clothes for my sister. When I told Landon and Logan they were ubber excited about it, cause this meant that Fletcher was coming and they couldn't wait to play with him.
     Well when Friday came, Landon went to school and Logan and I headed up to Shelbina to do a couple of things. I will go into everything we did in another post, but while we were there I was talkin' to my dad about Jeremiah and how he said he was gonna stop by around dinner time. Then dad proceeded to ask me if he was coming at the dinner (lunch) or if he was coming at supper (dinner)? Well crap, I didn't think about that. I just assumed that when people use the word dinner they are meaning what I call supper. So I hurry back to my sisters’ house and find no boxes of clothes sitting outside and no message on the machine, so I am figuring that they really did mean the evening dinner as I had thought. Thank goodness for that, it would have broken the boys little hearts, because all they could talk about is playin’ with Fletcher when he got there. After picking up Landon from school and we go back to the house and wait for them to show up. While we were waiting I made the yummy chocolate cake, I had posted the other day for a welcome home cake for when Kim and Brandon when they got back. This time I did the 9"x13" pan and cut the icing recipe in half. Then I made some delicious creamy potato soup for supper. I will give the recipe for this another time. The entire time I was making all of this Landon and Logan both kept coming in and asking "when is Fletcher coming?"

Well finally the door bell rings and in they come. Let the craziness begin!!

Logan tried to teach Fletcher how to bowl, but all Fletcher wanted to do with the pins is play baseball.
Now let’s get the monster trucks out and run things over!
Then it was quiet, almost too quiet. You know like the calm before the storm....

...then we head back to Logan's bedroom and that's when it hit, the storm I mean.
5.31 seconds, the amount of time it takes three boys to destroy a bedroom. 
All the balls that are now all over the floor were once in that large football, but Landon has now decided that he would like to sleep in there tonight. Can we say crick in the neck?!?

Before they left we attempted to get a picture of all the kids together and well...
...this it as good as it gets.
Landon did get a little practice holding a baby so when in May when baby Viers comes he will be ready!

   Even though the place was destroyed the boys did a good job picking things up without complaining so it would be clean when momma comes home.


  1. Ahh...what a great Aunt you are. Looks like you had fun with the house full of boys. Seems that we're from the same hometown as I'm from Shelbina too...small world. Been enjoying your blog. Have a great day.

  2. So now the question, was this week a good form of birth control... LOL. Looks like you had fun with them!

  3. Awwww, such cute little boys. Of course I remember Kim too. Did you take a nice loooong nap when you got home? Can't wait to hear more little boy stories! Sounds like fun was had by all :) -Tammy

  4. so cute!!! I think I have the same picture of my little brother in his football toy box!! :-)

    Glad you had a great time!!!
    -Des Muller

  5. You my dear are a very brave woman to take on two boys!!! Hawaii in January would be just perfect!