Sunday, January 17, 2010

When the snow melts....

     Since Christmas we have had that cold white stuff al over the ground and boy has it been cold!! Everyone around had been sayin' they couldn't wait till it all melted away.

     Well the beginning of this last week their wish was granted, as the temperatures got warmer the snow piles got smaller. I myself wanted the snow gone; I just didn't want what was to come with that.
Muddy boots, muddy roads...

.....muddy trucks....

....well just plain muddy everything. I thought we bought a red truck but I must have been mistaken! When it comes to playing in mud, I love it, but when it comes to working in mud, well it's a drag!!!

     The past few days have been extra foggy all day, but the dogs and I decided to go for a walk anyways. We still got some good shots even though the surroundings were less than ideal. Here's a few of what I took.


I know that right now it's a mess out side but before you know it, we will be smelling all the beautiful spring flowers and I can't wait!!


  1. I always love to visit and see your pictures. Such wonderful images of farm life!

  2. Great Pictures! Back when we were frozen in last week, the fans on our chicken houses had some GIANT icicles hanging off of them. I bet they were 3 feet long and could've killed somebody if they'd fell on them. I should've taken a picture of them, but it was too long of a walk to the back of the chicken houses in 20 degree weather! lol